A coronavirus strain has been isolated from India, that has been found to carry a mutation that can make the vaccine development futile, says researchers of Australia and Taiwan. Also Read - Karim Morani Health Update: Producer Tests Positive For Coronavirus Second Time, Family Worried

The change had occurred in the spike protein that the novel virus uses to attach to the ACE2 enzyme present in lungs. Scientists are currently trying to develop a vaccine that can target these spike protein, but a recently found structural change in the COVID-19 can potentially upend the vaccine development. Also Read - 'Fighting Despite Being Ill-Equipped', Sonia Gandhi Lauds Coronavirus Warriors Ahead of PM Modi's Address

This piece of information is really scary during the current situation when the number of coronavirus cases is increasing every day. The researchers at the National Changhua University of Education and Murdoch University have showed their concern and said that the study result is alarming and suggests that we may take longer than we think, to tackle the pandemic. Also Read - Social Distancing: Staying 1.5 Meters Away From Others is Not Enough to be Safe From Coronavirus

It was in January that a medical student from Wuhan returned back to Kerala and was found infected with COVID-19. After the doctors checked the sample of the virus in that person’s body, they found that the variant was different than those recorded in other countries. Additionally, the mutation had occurred in the spike protein’s receptor-binding domain (RBD). If this is true, current vaccine development against COVID-19 is at great risk of becoming futile.

According to the China National Centre for Bioinformation, until now, over 3,500 mutations have been detected in the structure of coronavirus. Even after around 5 months of this pandemic, researchers do not have much information about this novel virus and that is what is concerning. A little evolution and limited testing are not helping the human race significantly.

Notably, clinical trials of coronavirus vaccine have already begun in various nations including China and the US but the RDB mutation can threaten the development and can create uncertainty about the effectiveness of the vaccine eventually.