Cardi B, 25, and fiance Offset, 26 graced the cover of accomplished music magazine Rolling Stone. The female rapper wore a black dress with a very long train exposing her baby bump, numerous tattoos and more. Offset can be seen sitting and giving her baby bump a kiss. He can be seen wearing a red velvet suit along and black pointed shoes. Also Read - 'Should Have Done My Research': Cardi B Apologises After Receiving Backlash For 'Goddess Durga' Look

Since the magazine cover was for July and came out in June the singer said that, “I guess it was too much to ask to wait until the official July release of our @rollingstone cover! This cover is so special to me and means so much! Thank you to everyone who helped put this amazing cover together! Even tho it was leaked and suppose to be In gray f**k it. My daughter made it to the Rollin Stone cover !!!! Official release in July. You can’t ruined what’s for me ROCKSTARS.” Also Read - Cardi B Drops Her First Footwear Collection

 Check out the cover:

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The Boday Yellow singer was recently called out by fans when she was at a smoke-filled nightclub while being pregnant. She responded by saying that, “SINCE YA CARE AND ARE SO CONCERN about my baby … Hit me in my DM for my registry and send me some [Pampers] and baby formula … Don’t just comment like you care about my baby show it!! SEND THEM PAMPERS! … Don’t drama that causes stress harm babies more than anything?

She is the second female rapper to reach number 2 spot on the US Billboard Hot 100 and was also featured on Time’s list of 100 most influential people of 2018.