Real-Life Weight Loss Story: With healthy eating and curating a diet chat based on your interest and body type, you can shed those extra kilos efficiently. However, success can only be achieved with sheer dedication and consistency. Atina De Sousa, a 23-year-old fitness expert used to weigh 65 kgs. Within 12 weeks, she lost 18 kgs without skipping her meals or consuming green tea, or using other weight loss techniques. Here’s her story:Also Read - Real-Life Weight Loss Journey: Badminton Player Poorvisha S Ram Loses 14 Kilos by Eating Ice-Creams And Cakes

Weight Loss and Determination: Back in my school days, I was an athlete and was always into sports. In 2020, I moved to Mumbai to specialise in PR. During that time, my life took another path. I never cooked my meals, always binged on junk food and there was zero physical activity involved. Time went by and I reached a phase in my life where my motivation, confidence were dug deep down. I used to feel ashamed to wear a normal T-shirt and go out because all I’d see is fat oozing out from all parts of my body, and knowing that I come from a sports background, it got to me even more. Also Read - Real-Life Weight Loss Journey: I Lost 32 Kilos, Reversed my Diabetes by Eating Dark Chocolate And Proper Food

It was then when I decided I need to change. I got a weighing scale at home to check my weight. I weighed 62kgs. It terrified me and with this, I also went through PCOD. This was alarming and I decided that it’s only me who can change my life the way I want it. It took me 12 weeks of hard work, consistency, and discipline to transform and lose 10 kgs. Also Read - Real-Life Weight Loss Journey: With No Exercise, And PCOS, Khyati Rupani Loses 40 Kilos

Atina De Sousa lost 18 Kilos in 12 weeks by following a healthy diet and regular exercises.

Atina De Sousa lost 18 Kilos in 12 weeks by following a healthy diet and regular exercises.

Weight Loss and Diet: My diet comprised adequate protein i.e. (1.8-2.2gm/kg) healthy fats and carbs. As I studied nutrition science, I ate food that fits into my macros. It is simple science; energy expenditure should be more than the energy consumed through foods. This keeps you in a calorie deficit and then turns to fat loss.

Weight Loss and Cheat Meal: I enjoyed everything that I ate as I designed a sustainable diet plan. A plan that did not have numerous limitations. In this way, I had no cheat meals in those 12 weeks as I didn’t feel the need to. Once you start to see results, it becomes an addiction to stay committed and work harder.

Atina De Sousa lost 18 Kilos in 12 weeks by following a healthy diet and regular exercises.

Atina De Sousa lost 18 Kilos in 12 weeks by following a healthy diet and regular exercises.

Foods I Quit to Lose Weight: Nothing. That is the best part about it. And also this is for everyone to know, you DO NOT need to quit on anything to lose weight. What is important is the quantity and knowing moderation. Anything in moderation will never cause harm.

Weight Loss Mantra: There is definitely no shortcut. I personally believe in trusting the process. It’s when you lay your trust in the process with consistency and hard work, the results is ought to be fruitful.

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Weight Loss and Workout: I trained 6 times a week. I did a cardio session of just running early morning and in the evening, a strength training session.

What worked for me and what didn’t work for me at all: It’s not possible that you are giving it your all and it isn’t working out. If it’s not working out it means you’re doing it wrong somewhere. So what worked for me most would be, getting my nutrition on track, consuming enough protein, and putting in the workouts.

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