Real-Life Weight Loss Journey: What is your benchmark for fitness? Is it the amount of weight you lose over a period of time or the inch-loss? Losing weight or getting fit is a herculean task, especially when you have a sedentary lifestyle and crossed a certain age bracket. Tarun Gill, at 39, decided to start his career in bodybuilding. Yes, you read that right! Gill is preparing to participate in the Men’s Physique category of fitness and bodybuilding championship Sheru Classic. Tarun lost 12 kilos in the span of 40 days, he was 108 kgs and came down to 96 kgs.Also Read - Surgery For Weight Loss: What is Bariatric Surgery, How Does it Help in Reducing Weight, And Is it Safe?

Change your body at any age and level: While most people decide to retire in their late 30s, I want to become an inspiration for the entire country that you can change your body at any level, Tarun said. Also Read - Remo D'Souza's Wife Lizelle Loses 40 Kgs in 2 Years, All About Her Weight Loss Journey From Intermittent Fasting to KETO Diet

Tarun Lost 12 Kgs in 40 days: It’s been more than 40 days since I have started this challenge. I think the problem with most of the people and the problem initially with me also was the fact that I didn’t know why I wanted to be fit so you need to know and understand why do you want to get fit or why do you want to get six-packs or why do you want to be in the business of fitness. Whenever we go to the gym we just think okay, we guys are going to go train. But we miss the most important thing which is ‘WHY’. So, the day you find your why that why it could be anything that you want to prove a point to yourself or you want to have the best version and you want to see the best version for yourself. And that’s what I found the way that I wanted to be the best version and once I discovered that everything just fell in place then my discipline just came through the diet. Also Read - Is Running Necessary For Improving Health? How Much Should You Run in a Day And When Not to Run - All You Need to Know

Discipline and Diet: So my diet varies from point to point. From whichever point I’m at, it could be different inventors. It could be different in summer or whatever my body fat looks like but typically my diet is very high protein. I don’t eat too many carbs. When I want to train for example carbs would mean like oatmeal or rice or roti, I would only eat that before my training because that’s my sustained supply of energy so I get very particular about it because I’ve been a fat kid so carbs don’t really suit my body and it slows me down. So, the only way I take my carbohydrates as before I train so that I can train for longer times and long hours. The other part of the day I usually stick to a high protein like let’s say eggs, broccoli, veggies, and pretty much salads so that you know I’m active through that because I create content on a daily basis so I need to be very active.

Tarun’s Diet Plan

  1. 9 am – 6 egg whites and 100 grams cooked oats
  2. 1 pm-  60 grams low fat cottage cheese with 80 grams steamed broccoli
  3. 4 pm- 8 egg whites with 30 grams avacado
  4. 7 pm- 50 grams steamed broccoli, 100 grams blueberry, 50 grams low-fat tofu
  5. 10 pm- 10 egg whites and 50 grams steamed asparagus

Workout Routine: My morning starts with the fasted cardio which is empty stomach and cardio. So I would do some stationery cycling but thirty minutes to forty five minutes just empty stomach. So that it just starts my day. Then I drink some black coffee post that you know after about an hour or two, I have my weight training session. Management training is pretty much around weights. I do a lot of different variations of different exercises. So I hit my body part from different angles, different variations so those that take about two to three hours.

When you’re outside the gym what do you do for those twenty or twenty-one hours when training is over. What you eat is what will define your body so I take care of those twenty hours and the night before my dinner, I again do twenty minutes cardio and twenty five on my cycling, so that I just kind of feel lighter because the more i sweat out the more I feel productive and the more I feel energetic and that is more.

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