Real-Life Weight Loss Journey: Tired of hearing taunts and comments about her excess weight, Nandita Mathur, a fitness enthusiast decided to shed 35 kilos in a span of 1.5 years. “The most difficult part of being overweight was to bear the comments of people and their judgments,” she says. Nandita who used to weigh 98 kgs lost oodles of weight by staying consistent and disciplined. She shared her weight loss story with us and how she lost 35 kilos. Here’s her real story:Also Read - Health Tips: Be Alert ! Drinking Coffee On an Empty Stomach Can Harm You - Watch Video to Know Why

Weight Loss And Transformation Story: I always liked wearing different types of dresses. But when I started putting on weight, I could hear the same statement from every garment shop attendant…” Sorry…the dress you liked is not available in your size! Only available in S to L but not in XXL”. Compromising clothing choices oversize availability became every time story when it came to buying clothes. Also Read - High in Protein and Fibre Semolina, Makes For the Perfect Breakfast Option; Know It's Health Benefits - Video

Nandita Mathur lost 35 kilos

But one day I decided that this has to end. I need to get in shape for my well-being, to be more confident, and to wear my favourite clothes. My mother and a friend of mine were major support systems and source of inspiration. And then, my weight loss journey started. Also Read - Weight Loss: How Many Hours of Sleep do You Need to Shed Those Extra Kilos? Expert Speaks

The most difficult part of being overweight was to bear the comments of people and their judgments, realizing that people judge you by your appearance and not by your nature/behaviour. Many of my classmates in school used to avoid me to talk or play with me.

Nandita Mathur impressive weight loss

Also, the worst part for me being an overweight person was facing difficulty while climbing stairs. As soon as I started losing weight, I started gaining confidence when people started giving compliments rather than comments. Also, seeing improvement in my health issues motivated me to reach the target weight. With the passing weeks, I was reduced from XXL to XL to L and so on till S or M, and this was the biggest result I have seen.

The turning point: I always wished to wear ready-made clothes but the scenario was very much different as smart and trendy clothes were not available in my size. Then I met with my friend cum trainer who showed belief in me and motivated me to shed weight. That was the real turning point of my life. He inspired me that anybody can achieve goals, only vision is required. So, I got confidence and started losing kilos under his guidance.

Nandita Mathur weight loss journey

Weight Loss And Diet: Nandita quit rice and chapatti to reach her target weight.

  • My breakfast: Oatmeal, Egg Whites with Juice
  • My lunch: Beans and Lentils along with Salad
  • My dinner: Boiled Chicken or 1 Bowl Dal + Salad

Workout Schedule: Earlier my training started with cardio, pushups, and squats to tone and strengthens muscles. When I got used to these cardio exercises the next step was to qualify the squats and lunges challenges. Squats played a major role in the reduction of thighs.

Currently, dumbles workout, planks, mountain climbing, Jumping Jacks, battle rope, and Abs workout are involved in my daily workout routine. Now, after getting in shape I prefer weight training and improving on this day by day under the guidance of my trainer.

Any shortcut for weight loss?

If you want to get the success you need to work hard day and night. I did the same by working out in the morning and maintained my diet before getting into bed at night. I realized ‘Patience’ is the key and I have to stick with it until I achieve my goal. And I will not forget to say that this I have learned from my trainer Sandeep Shekhawat. Patience was my sole mantra.

Nandita Mathur weight loss

What worked for me in my weight loss journey: I believe in two powerful words which are Dedication and Determination and I consider these two ingredients which have proven successful during my fitness journey. If you have determination towards your goal then dedication is the right path. I believe Fitness is the internal beauty that differentiates you from others not by thoughts but also keeps you activated throughout the day. These two things worked in my fitness journey.

Thinking that cheating a little bit out of my daily diet routine will not affect my weight loss. But I was wrong. A proper and balanced diet is equally important as a workout to achieve results.

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