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Real-Life Weight Loss Journey: This Software Engineer Lost 53 Kgs by Quitting Sugar, Rice

Real-Life Weight Loss Journey: 24-year-old Venus Kohli used to weigh 128 kgs before she decided to lose weight. Read her weight loss story.

Published: February 28, 2022 10:31 AM IST

By Anjali Thakur

Real-Life Weight Loss Journey: This Software Engineer Lost 53 Kgs by Quitting Sugar, Rice
Venus Kohli lost 53 kgs by following a ketogenic diet.

Real-Life Weight Loss Journey: Venus Kohli used to weigh 128 Kgs when she realised, she couldn’t walk across the street to meet a friend and it was time to make a change. In a span of 8 months, was able to lose 53 kgs by following a balanced diet and workout regime. A software engineer by profession, Venus’ weight loss journey was full of ups and downs. If you are trying to reach your weight loss goal, and seeking inspiration to kick-start your journey, then we have Venus Kohli’s weight loss story to share. Read her real-life weight loss story.

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Weight Loss and the motivation to lose weight: I was 128Kg when I started my weight loss journey. My main turning point came when I wasn’t able to walk across the street to meet my friend. I came home and my grandmother was in tears as she was seeing me struggling to move across the street. People were laughing at me. Later the same day, I was so tired and I slept at 5 pm, only to wake up the next day to make a change. Reluctant at first, I knew that it was something that I was going to do at any cost.

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Real-Life Weight Loss Journey: This Software Engineer Lost 53 Kgs by Quitting Sugar, Rice

Venus Kohli used to weigh 128 kgs before she realised to lose weight

I started off with a caloric deficiency but after some time, I stopped losing weight with that. I researched a lot, studied different diets and the biological processes happening in the body during those diets. I came across Ketogenic and was figuring out the food items I could eat. Food items mentioned were meat, some vegetables and cheese etc. I was really unsure of the above mentioned as i had an abnormal hatred for vegetables since childhood that I never had them. My research brought me to Ketofy/Wellversed and I was surprised to see tasty ketogenic snacks and chocolates.

I took a diet from Dr Nitika Anand. Since then, I have been following everything she says and that has proved the best for me. Nitika has not only given me dietary advice but also boosted my confidence like a friend whenever I felt low and unmotivated. Who says ketogenic is unhealthy? After 8 months of being consistent with diet & workout , I ended up in 2021 as a two-digit girl, from 128kg to 75kgs.

Ketogenic is restrictive but it helped me to reverse my Pre-Diabetes, Pcod, obesity and high cholesterol-triglyceride level. I feel healthier, more productive and light. It has not only helped me to surpass my personal hesitations but my professional struggles as well.

Inspiration to lose weight: My past experiences and my consistency and determination to achieve my goal kept me going. Also, this journey would not have been possible without the support & constant motivation from my family and Nutritionist Dr Nitika Anand. Seeing myself getting fitter, gaining strength, losing weight, doing day to day activities that were earlier impossible for me was always an inspiration for me which kept me going.

Weight Loss And Diet: I used to start my day with a glass of lukewarm water followed by a cup of bullet coffee as my pre-workout. After my workout, I used to take my breakfast, which was a combination of a good amount of fats and protein, like cheese omelette or whole boiled eggs, or paneer grilled sandwich (without bread). A Mid-morning meal used to be either a glass of coconut water or salted lemonade. If I felt hungry then I used to grab some nuts. Lunch consisted of keto flour roti and veggie, a bowl of curd and salad. In the evening I used to take protein shakes with cream and then dinner used to be chicken or fish.

Real-Life Weight Loss Journey: This Software Engineer Lost 53 Kgs by Quitting Sugar, Rice

Venus Kohli weight loss journey is impressive

Weight Loss And Cheat Meal: I never wanted to cheat with anything unhealthy as I was seeing good results in my body, but, if I had to because of some occasions then I used to have chicken from KFC or once a while I had chicken biryani.

Foods I quit to Lose weight: I had to quit normal wheat roti and white rice. Sugar was a complete NO, but thanks to ketofy’s Keto Sweetener, it was a perfect replacement of table sugar with zero carbs, so I never had the urge to include normal sugar.

Weight Loss Mantra: No, as it’s rightly said there is no shortcut to success, you have to put in a lot of hard work, and most importantly you have to be consistent and have to visualise your goal which will make you achieve it. My mantra is, as said by my nutritionist, and which I have followed throughout is just listen to your body, respect your body and you will achieve your target.

Weight Loss and Workout Routine: Since I was quite overweight, initially I was just able to do some light walking, completing around 3000 steps. But then I started to gain strength with my correct nutrition and was able to reach 10,000 steps. After a few months, I started with beginner bodyweight exercise as suggested by my Nutritionist, doing light dumbbells and resistance bands. Then, I got a proper workout plan which consisted of 3 days of cardio and 3 days of weight training.

What worked for me: The best part was I did not have to stop my conventional meals. I was having roti, rice, cookies, namkeen, chocolates, brownies and all. All thanks to Wellversed/Ketofy, they have amazing products as low carb substitutes for these things. There was nothing that did not work at all, it’s just that time management was a task for me, especially for workouts, but I tried my best to take out some time for it. decided to bring Real-Life Weight Loss stories for our readers which will inspire you to finally sign up for that gym membership or start making yoga an active part of your lifestyle. If you have got an incredible weight loss story that inspires people to stay healthy, write to us on our social media handles to get featured and we’ll get in touch with you!

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