At the beginning of every year, people think of having a fresh start and that is why try to make some big changes in their lifestyle. They call it their new year resolutions. How many of you really stick to those resolutions for the entire year? Very few. This is the truth. Also Read - Exercise Caution if You're Visiting Northeast India, UK Issues Travel Advisory; Israel, France Alert Tourists

The most important reason behind this is making unrealistic resolutions. You resolve to shed those extra kilos, stop drinking and smoking. But your indisciplined life and lack of motivation lead to fizzled out new year resolutions. Most of the people also struggle in figuring out how to adhere to their resolutions. For them, here is what and how you need to do. Also Read - Exercise Won't Help Most Women Suffering From Migraine

Do running

This terrestrial locomotion is a great way to be in shape. It benefits almost every part of your body. From uplifting your mood to preventing diabetes, high blood pressure, and helping in weight loss, running does it all for you. Motivating yourself every morning to get up and hit the track may seem impossible but it is actually a very easy task. And, knowing about the benefits of running can help you gather the required inducement. Also Read - Fitness Freak Virat Kohli Inspired by Squash Player Dipika Pallikal's Training, Reveals Former Team India Trainer

Practice planks

Planks can be done anywhere. You do not require any machine to practice it. Planks work on all your major body muscles and make them strong. If you wish to have toned core muscles, this is what you need to perform. Doing planks on a regular basis can also reduce your risk of getting a back or spine injury. The exercise helps in increasing the body’s metabolism and contributes to weight loss too.

Go for a walk

Walking is the easiest workout one can do. Offering benefits to people of all ages. Walking helps you burn calories effectively and control your blood sugar level. It also strengthens our heart and improves immune function. Just 30 minutes of walk every day is enough to keep yourself fit and fine. If you do not have time to do that, you need to think of ways to indulge in walking. For example, you can go to the places nearby your house by walking or go for a short walk during the lunchtime in the office.