A child always is close to both his parents. However, let us all face it; there is one relation or bond that is a little stronger than the other. Usually, the daughters are close to their fathers more than they are with mothers just like how sons are close to mothers. Let us focus on why and how daughters are so close to their fathers.  This is one relation that doesn’t really need any explanations or reasons. It is beautiful just the way it is, however if you still want to know the reasons why fathers are so important to their daughters, then we have a long list. Here are some of the most important and beautiful reasons:  (ALSO READ Why long distance relationships work: 8 reasons why distance is harmless in love!).Also Read - Viral Video: Bride’s Amazing Dance With Her Father Steals The Show, People Call it Heartwarming | Watch

1. A father teaches his daughter that being strong and weak is all okay

A father doesn’t expect his daughter to be strong all the time. For him, it is perfectly okay for his kid to be strong and weak at the same time. He believes in breaking down once in a while just to feel better at the same time he will also ask her to not tolerate anything that she doesn’t like. Also Read - Father's Day 2021: Pamper Your Dad With These Delectable Almond Based Recipes

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2. He is every daughter’s first love

This holds true in every case. Every daughter considers her father as her very first love.  And he is the first man to take care of her, protect her and make all her wishes come true.

father daughter 2

3. A dad sets high standards for future relationships

Since a father has everything a woman wants in a man, every daughter sets out with high expectations for her future dates. She will refuse to settle with anything less.  She will look for a true gentleman just like how her father is. ALSO READ Signs of love addiction: 5 signs that tell you are totally addicted to your partner!

4. A father wants his daughter to be successful

Every loving father doesn’t his daughter to be confined to the strange rules and restriction of society. He will do everything possible to help his daughter fly and seek her dreams and wishes.

father daughter bond

5. He saves her from mother’s anger

Every time a mother loses her cool on her daughter, it is the father who always comes to her rescue and that instantly makes him a daughter’s hero. ALSO READ How to love yourself: 5 tips to help you love yourself unconditionally!

6. Taking up responsibilities is something they learn a lot from fathers

Daughters grow watching their fathers struggle, go to work, help her mother with household work and also take care of the kids’ homework. All this builds a strong personality in a daughter and she tries her best to become responsible in life.

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7. Fathers and daughters share several inside jokes

There are several inside jokes that they share which nobody else understands. The level of understanding and secrets they share is a beautiful thing to watch.

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8. Nobody can be as encouraging as fathers

Fathers usually let daughters commit mistakes so that they learn from it and grow.  Hey are super encouraging and ensure that they push their daughters to achieve things that seem to difficult. From taking up hobby classes to sports fathers are the best people on earth for some support. ALSO READ How to have a long term relationship: 6 rules for a happy ending!

These are just eight reasons what we have given to the reason behind a father-daughter bond. But the fact is that words fall short when describing this beautiful relation. Anything written about this bond will be enough. Fathers are and will always be a daughter’s first and true love.