Does waking up with a puffy face has become normal for you? If yes, your lifestyle may be the culprit behind that. Nothing can be worse than looking at a swollen face in the mirror, as the first thing in the morning specially when you have your meeting scheduled for the day. There are certain medical issues that can cause this problem. However, in their absence, lifestyle factors are responsible. Here we will talk about them. Here are certain possible reasons behind the inflamed face and ways to de-puff it in no time.Also Read - Mandatory Face Masks, Aarogya Setu App And Many More: After Trains, Govt Likely to Resume Domestic Flight Operation

Irregular Sleeping Patterns

Not having enough sleep can cause facial puffiness. An altered sleep and lack of enough shut-eye can lead to dark circles. Additionally, sleeping on your sides can create problem in redistribution of fluid to face. Not only this, using an uncomfortable pillow and not drinking enough water can also lead to the problem. If any of these is the reason behind your puffy face, you can keep chilled tea bags over your eyes and massage your face with fingers. This will improve blood circulation to your face and the problem will be vanished. Also Read - The New Normal? Couple Ties Knot Wearing Masks and Face Shields at Gurudwara in Kanpur

Lack of Exercise

An imbalance of water and salt content in the body leads to facial puffiness. You can avoid this problem by indulging in different exercises on a daily basis. When you workout, your body releases both water and salt as sweat and maintains their levels. Also Read - These Essential Oils Are Filled With Incredible Beauty Benefits

Consuming Too Much Processed Foods

Having too much processed foods including chips, salty snacks etc. can lead to accumulation of excessive sodium in the body. As a result, your body will start retaining extra water that can cause facial puffiness. However, potassium helps in reducing the water retention by increasing urine production and decreasing level of sodium. So, it is important to maintain a balance between sodium and potassium in the body. To do that, you should eat potassium rich foods like avocados, tomatoes, bananas etc.