Packed with antioxidants and vitamins, Moong Dal is majorly used for making curry and sprouts. This easily available lentil is a super-food that cannot only keep your physical health good but can also give you a flawless and glowing skin. This green coloured gram is a highly potent beauty ingredient that can keep the skin related problems at bay. Read further to know the reasons why you should make Moog Dal, your beauty arsenal. Also Read - Trending News Today April 24, 2020: NASA Shares Stunning Night View of Earth Through Fisheye Lens, Beauty of The Planet Will Leave You Mesmerised

Makes Your Skin Colour Brighter

Being rich in vitamin A ans C, Moong Dal can exfoliate your skin and remove the dead cells. This is how it enhances your skin colour and texture. Applying Moong Dal paste on your face and leaving it overnight can give you a glowing skin, the next morning. Also Read - Make Vitamin E Oil, Your Beauty Buddy And See The Difference

Hydrates Your Skin

To avoid fast ageing, you must keep your skin hydrated. It delays appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. If you have a dry skin, Moong Dal paste is what you need to apply on your face. The vitamins and enzymes present in this green gram can hydrate your skin and make it look healthy. Also Read - Exclusive: Listen in to Monalisa as She Shares Her Beauty Tips

Reduces Tanning

If you have lighter skin colour and you like to expose your body to sun, get ready to get the stubborn tan. Tanning can make your skin look dull and unhealthy. To reduce its appearance, you need to make a paste of Moong Dal and add curd in it to apply on your skin. It cannot only reduce tanning but can also protect you from harmful sun rays.

Prevent Onset of Acne And Pimples

If you wish to keep these skin conditions at bay, all you need to do is to make Moong Dal face pack and apply it on your face, every day.