A relationship should be between two people and not the whole world. Initially, relationships used to be a private affair but with the advancement of technology and arrival of social media, people seem to be excited to make their relationship status public and involve everyone. Most of you do so without even realizing what impact it can have on you. Informing your friends and family about your personal life is okay but when you announce it on social media, you invite unnecessary attention, gossip, and drama that can shake your mental well-being. Making your relationship official on public platform can lead to certain consequences and you need to gear up for that. Here we give you enough reasons for why you should not disclose your relationship status. Also Read - Signs That Show Your Are in a One-Sided Relationship And Need to Come Out of it

To avoid anyone else’s involvement in your business

When you make your relationship public, people get a spicy topic to gossip about. They start stalking you and your partner on social media. They also start making judgments and opinions about your relationship. Sometimes, someone who is not your well-wisher may in fact try to create misunderstanding between you and you partner. To prevent these unnecessary drama, you must keep your private life to yourself. Also Read - Couples Love And Support For Each Other Can Help Them Manage Their Relationship During Financially Stressful Times

To prevent causing any discomfort to your partner

If you are quite open about your relationship, that doesn’t mean your partner is equally interested in keeping things public. He/She may want to have some privacy when it comes to relationships. He/She may not be comfortable talking about it openly to the masses unless be 100 per cent sure about it. Also Read - Here is How Couples Can Manage Relationships in Financially Stressful Times

To keep the smooth exit option open for both you and your partner

Every relationship doesn’t work. Break ups are reality and can happen with anyone. In that case, parting ways should not be ugly or stressful. When you keep your relationship to yourself, it becomes easy to get out of it even if that relationship fails. However, announcing it on social media can create a lot of buzz and can make you the talk of the town unnecessarily. This is called negative attention, which nobody wants.