Recreate your home by bringing in summery colours in your living space with colourful fabric sofas and some very elegant chairs, side tables and a coffee table on a classic rug to complement the decor. Add up with some stylish lamps and home decor pieces giving it a very elegant look and feel. As per experts, a classic mix and match make the summers feel not so hot and yet very trendy. Also Read - Simple Yet Effective Ideas to Tweak Your Home Décor This Winter

In the longest days of the year, we’ve gathered a few tips to update your home by Mr Ankur Shingal, Founder of Ansavv Inc. Also Read - Having Trouble in Furnishing Your Home? These Tips Will Help You Give Interesting Twist to Your Home Decor

Use Vibrant Colors

Summer is the perfect season to break out the vibrant yet subtle colour in your home. Vibrant colours, a fusion of patterns and flowers everywhere- real, painted, printed, make the living room cheerful, optimistic and lively. A blue accent wall along with bright green and yellow decor gives the living room that cool summer appeal you may have always wanted. Also Read - A Guide To Choosing The Right Lights For Your Home

Frame Your Florals

From bright flowers like sunflowers, hibiscus, and marigolds, to unique flowers such as purple coneflowers, yarrow, and gladiolus, there are many floral options to choose from when designing your summer garden. The tiny plants last for a long time and require little care, making them the perfect addition to a summery tablescape. The natural elements also add texture and character to this chic end-table display.

Summery Scents

For a constant seasonal aesthetic in your home, switch out scents as the seasons change. Gingerbread and evergreen are great smells for winter months, but in the summer many people crave fresh scents, such as ocean breeze or cucumber-melon.