When you are in a long-term relationship, at a certain point, you think about your future together and how beautiful or challenging your relationship would be after marriage. You do not want to take any wrong decision and therefore, you try to analyse your relationship and clear out all the uncertainties or doubts that you have before asking your partner if he/she is ready for marriage. To do so, you must not let the insecurities and a few small issues overcome the love and affection. Be rational and look for certain signs that tell if you are in a right relationship. These signs can end your dilemma and help you decide if you need to take your relationship to the next level or end it right there. Let’s know about them one by one. Also Read - Common Relationship Mistakes You Commit as Per Your Zodiac Sign

You Feel Secure Around Your Partner

More than a person, his/her body language and gesture speaks a lot. So, if you feel warmth or a sense of security when you around your partner, he is the right one. When a person is in a serious relationship and wants to take it to another level, he makes sure, you feel loved and confident. He tries his best to make you feel at home. If your partner is like this, do not leave him. Also Read - Here is How to Improve Your Relationship And Bring Excitement in Your Romantic Life

You Are His Priority

A person in a casual relationship does not give priority to his partner. However, the one who is committed makes sure his partner feels special and wanted. In a bid to do so, he prioritises her. If you are with a person who loves you a lot and doesn’t shy away from picking your calls even in office or doesn’t make any plan without you, you are the lucky one. Also Read - Signs That Show, Your Relationship is Going Strong And Has a Long-Lasting Future

He Gives You Space

Usually, people do not understand the need for privacy or space in a relationship. But this is extremely important for a relationship to last long. If your partner gives you the space and respect’s your private time, you must keep the person beside you.