Break-ups are always hard and hurtful. Whenever you think of breaking up with your partner, you go through mixed emotions. You are never sure how your partner is going to react after hearing your decision and if it would be easy for you to stay out of the relationship with dignity and on a good note. Sometimes, things get worse and couples go the dirty way. Yelling, blaming, and disrespectful behaviour make the break-up ugly, leaving no scope for friendship. This is not the ideal situation. If break-up is weighing on your mind from quite some time now, this is the time to spill the beans and let your partner know what you want. This is important for him too. If you are looking for the right ways to end your relationship, you have reached the right place. Here we guide you through dos and don’ts of ending a relationship on a good note.Also Read - Reasons Why You Should Not Disclose Your Relationship Status on Social Media?

Inform your partner about your decision as soon as you are sure of it

Accumulating negative emotions in your mind about your relationship and not telling your partner about it, can only make things worse. Your feelings may soon start coming out in the form of irritation, yelling, and abusive words. To avoid such a scenario, it is better that you do not stall your break-up and carry unnecessary resentments in your mind. Just talk to your partner about it. Also Read - Signs That Show Your Are in a One-Sided Relationship And Need to Come Out of it

Do not even think of playing the blame-game

Indulging in blame-game is what makes a break-up awful. You must remember that he is the person with whom you were once madly in love with. So, how can you indulge in an ugly argument with a person who once meant so much to you? Everybody has good and bad traits. You should focus on the former ones and learn to appreciate memorable times spent with the person. Do not make your partner feel guilty of anything. Just acknowledge that the times you spent together were pleasant and now it may be the right time to part your ways as you do not have the same affection for your partner.

Break-up in person and not on text or call

Things are misunderstood over calls or texts. Words lose emotions when sent through texts. So, it is better to call your partner and ask for a meeting. And, break-up in person. He should have the closure to be able to move on. Also, while conversing, try to be patient and do not use any bad words.