Being in a relationship does not mean you need to sacrifice your privacy. You can still spend some ‘me time’ and do certain things like watching a movie, going out etc. alone. There is nothing wrong with that. But, not everyone takes this positively and ends up freaking out thinking if their relationship is going to end. That is why most of the people feel restrained when it comes to telling their partner that they need some solo time.Also Read - Relationship Tips: Here is How You Can Establish an Emotional Connect With Your Partner

Wanting to spend some time to yourself does not mean you are not in love anymore or you are unhappy in your current relationship. Giving time and space to your partner can only flourish your bond and relationship. If your significant other does not understand this and you are thinking to ask for some solo time from a long time, here is how you can convey that politely without inviting any negative consequences. Also Read - Relationship Tips: Here is How to Break-up on Good Terms

Be Careful of Your Words

Use your vocabulary wisely when talking about such sensitive things. Your words should be constructive and should not sound like a threat to the relationship. Speak mindfully and in an assertive way. You can say something like, ‘Too much work is taking a toll on my health and probably on our relationship too. So, let’s spend some time alone and be relaxed. This will help us take our relationship further in a positive way.’

Make Your Partner Understand That You do Not Need Emotional Distance

Your partner may not fully understand the meaning of solo time and the reason behind it. So, it is your responsibility to make him/her understand that this move does not mean you do not love each other and are not connected emotionally. Use your compassion to reassure your partner that you will be back to show the same love and care.

Do Not Invite Argument

You need to stick to your needs and still be considerate towards your partner. Be firm on your decision but do not engage in any fight. Try to stay away from it making your partner understand things with love. Inviting a fight can only worsen the situation and may have a negative impact on your relationship.