It is better to be single than being in a toxic relationship. A bad relationship can impact your mental, emotional, and physical health drastically. If you are with a person whom you loved a lot once but now losing the interest and have started to ignore the person, it doesn’t mean your emotions have vanished. It is just a sign that you should take a short break from your relationship and get some fresh air. Let’s not fool around or chock your partner or yourself. Just take some time to go back to your partner and restart the relationship where you left that. A short break can act therapeutically to your relationship. If you are not clear if you are at the stage of your relationship where you need a break, we will help you out. Here are some signs that tell if you need to stay away from your partner for some time. Also Read - Signs That Tell if You Are in a Rebound Relationship

If relationship issues have started to take a toll on you

If you spend a considerable amount of time every day to solve your relationship issues, you are at a wrong place. This overwhelming situation can make you feel exhausted and soon you will lose all interest in your partner and feel like walking away. In this situation, it is better to take a break than breaking up forever. During that short time, you can give some rest to your mind and then figure out the best ways to deal with the issues. Also Read - Relationship Tips: Here is How to Break-up on Good Terms

If you and your partner have started to come into each other’s space

Being in a relationship does not mean you do not have a life of your own. There are certain things that you must keep to yourself and spend some me-time. If you constantly feel annoyed and get into your partner’s personal space or vice versa, it is the right time to part ways for some time and then start over again with a refreshed mind. Also Read - Reasons Why You Should Not Disclose Your Relationship Status on Social Media?

If you have started to feel indifferent towards your beloved

It is okay to have second thoughts about a person. That’s human nature. Certain behaviour of your partner or your problems or actions may force you to think twice about your relationship but that doesn’t mean you need to break-up. If you think your emotions towards your partner have started to change, take a break immediately before it starts to appear in your behaviour and that ruin your relationship.