Retinol is one of the most commonly used ingredients in cosmetic products. It boasts of an array of beauty benefits. Retinol is basically the synthetic derivative of vitamin A, that’s associated with delayed ageing signs, reduced sun damage, and hydrated skin. Retinol can potentially change the behaviour of your body cells for good and refine your skin texture. If you wish to have a radiant and glowing skin, retinol is the magical ingredient that you should add in your beauty regime. It can boost the production of collagen and can make your skin look young. Read on to know certain major benefits that retinol boasts of.Also Read - 5 Best Skincare Tips to Follow Once in a Week For a Flawless And Radiant Skin

Prevents wrinkles

Daily use of retinol can smoothen the fine lines. It has anti-ageing compounds called retinoids that can reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It works in this regard by increasing collagen production. Also Read - Night Time Skincare Routine Every Woman Should Know About

Reduces breakouts

People with oily skin are bothered due to frequent breakouts. For them, retinol can work as a perfect beauty ingredient as it minimises the occurrence of breakouts by regulating the production of sebum and reducing too much oil production. Also Read - This Lockdown Skincare Routine Can Make You Look Radiant This Summer

Improves complexion

Exposing your skin too much in the sun can lead to tanning and dark spots. Constant use of retinol can make your skin complexion even and fade out scars or age spots. It, in fact, exfoliates your skin and makes your skin look fresh and smooth.