Makeup is all about experimentation and creating new trends. Apart from the usual trends, there comes a time when certain quirky or bizarre trends also create a rage and take the makeup world by storm. When Kim Kardashian started using contouring makeup, everyone around the world was blown by it as it highlighted one’s facial features and made one’s face look camera-friendly, thereby making one selfie-ready. Currently, matte liquid lipsticks are a rage especially Kylie Jenner’s lip kits are selling like hot cakes. However, that is a tamer makeup trend as compared to some of the quirky makeup trends we’ve seen on the internet. Here are some of these that are ruling the internet right now. Would you dare to try these makeup trends? (ALSO SEE Hottest 5 makeup trends every fashionista needs to try)Also Read - Mira Kapoor's Makeup Routine is a Guide for People Who Have Never Done Makeup Ever

Reverse lashes

Wearing false eyelashes is pretty common and most people do so to enhance the beauty of their eyes or those who have faint lashes. Falsies add volume to your existing eyelashes and make them look dense. In order to use them, you have to stick them on top of you existing lashes with the help of a lash gum given along. However, the latest trend is to wear them the other way giving you reverse lashes. These falsies have taper at the end that needs to stuck to your lashes. Now, the trend is to stick them the other way that gives you weird, spider-web-like lashes. The look has been followed by models as well. Would you be willing to wear your falsies reverse to try this trend? Also Read - Tips on How to Wear Makeup With a Face Mask by Shahnaz Husain

Feather eyebrows

Eyebrows help frame the face and also enhance the eyes. In the last few years, thick and bushy eyebrows made a comeback and most celebs opted for this look. And now, the feathered eyebrows look is taking over the internet. This trend makes one’s brows look just like a black feather as the brow hair is parted from the centre and the hair is combed in upward and downward directions. While it does look prettier than reverse lashes, how many of you would be willing to do this to your brows? Also Read - Viral Video: Makeup Artist Creates Mind Boggling Optical Illusion on Face. Netizens Are Shook | Watch

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