Are you eating less rice or skipping rice in your bid to prevent obesity and lose weight? A new research says that eating rice can actually help you lose weight. In fact, the researchers of this study observed that people living in rice-eating nations including Asian countries were less likely to be obese than those who ate very less rice or where rice was not the staple food. One of the first things many do to avoid obesity is to skip rice, but according to the Japanese researchers that led the study, eating 50g of rice a day could help in bringing down obesity levels.
One of the many reasons why rice could keep obesity away was that rice is low in fat, has fibre and other nutrients that could help your body in many ways including increasing the feeling of fullness. Rice is wholesome and nutritious and should hence be a part of your daily diet. Here are some other ways in which rice can help you: Also Read - Micro Art: Hyderabad Law Student Captures The Bhagavad Gita on 4000 Grains of Rice

Easy to digest: Rice is easy to digest and hence good for giving you energy especially when you are sick. This is why hot khichdi full of dal and topped with ghee is recommended for those who are sick. Also Read - Weight Loss Tip: Brain, Not Willpower, Decides if You Will Lose Weight Or Not

Good for the gut: Rice contains resistant starch which helps our large intestine perform well and prevent the growth of bad bacteria. Also Read - Dangers of Keto Diet: Actor Mishti Mukherjee Dies of Kidney Failure - Why Keto Diet is Not Advisable in Kidney Ailments

Rice helps curb unhealthy cravings: A research said that those who eat rice have higher amounts of potassium, magnesium, iron, folate and fibre in them. The best part about the way we Indians or many other Asians eat rice is that we complement it with lots of protein in the form of dal or fish or vegetables. This helps up the nutrients intake and prevents us from overeating other unhealthy foods.

Rice can help promote good sleep: In moderate quantities, rice is extremely good for your sleep. When you sleep well, you prevent a number of diseases. This is why you shouldn’t refrain from eating rice at dinner.