We lost yet another veteran star today. Rishi Kapoor, who was India’s one of the finest gems, passed away on Thursday morning succumbing to leukemia, a blood cancer. A day before, we bid adieu to another Bollywood star, Irrfan Khan. When Bollywood celebrities die, we feel a personal loss and mourn as if we have lost somebody from our family. This is the charm that these personalities and their work have on us. Also Read - Rishi Kapoor's Last Rites Will be Performed Today at Chandanwadi Crematorium by Son Ranbir Kapoor

Bollywood actors have always provided us a safe way to escape the hardship of life and get a moment of joy on screen. They have kept us entertained for decades. Looking at their lively screen presence and royal lifestyle, we fail to get the insight and know the struggle they are going through on a personal level. Also Read - Rishi Kapoor's Death: Alia Bhatt Reaches Hospital to be With Ranbir Kapoor And Family - Video

There are film stars who are not only heroes on screen but also have emerged as one in life. Here we are talking about Bollywood celebrities who are fighting a tough battle against cancer and those who tried their best but succumbed to this fatal disease at the end. Also Read - Yet Another Death! Now Singer Arjun Kanungo’s Father Passes Away After Battling Liver Cancer

Here is a list of Bollywood actors who have experienced cancer:

Rakesh Roshan

Actor, producer, director and screenwriter, Rakesh Roshan is known for his immense contribution to Indian cinema. Last year in January, his son Hritik Roshan took to his social media account to inform that Rakesh Roshan was diagnosed with early stage squamous cell carcinoma of the throat. It is a throat cancer in which flat cells lining the throat are affected. The disease is characterised by signs including change in voice, sore throat, wheezing, ear pain, swollen lymph node, hoarseness, weight loss, and constant need to clear your throat.

Sonali Bendre

Sonali Bendre was diagnosed with metastatic cancer in July 2018. She informed about this news through her Twitter account. The Bollywood actor is still fighting against this deadly disease. Metastatic cancer refers to spread of cancer cells from its origin part to other organs. This is stage 4, which is an advanced stage of cancer. It occurs when a malignant tumour breaks and the cancerous cell enter the bloodstream or lymphatic system. Through this passage, they reach other parts of the body and start affecting them.

Rishi Kapoor

Rishi Kapoor lost his life today morning due to leukemia, a type of blood cancer. He was diagnosed with this cancer in 2018 and was in New York for a long time for his treatment. Leukemia is a blood cancer in which there is an uncontrollable growth of the white blood cells (WBCs), which are responsible for protecting your body from invasion of harmful pathogens and abnormal cells. It occurs when the WBCs undergo mutation in their DNA. Leukemia is characterised by fever, persistent fatigue, unexplained weight loss, enlarged spleen, swollen lymph nodes, and recurrent nosebleed etc.

Irrfan Khan

The ‘Life of Pie’ actor was battling against neuroendocrine cancer since 2018. He succumb to the disease on Wednesday (April 29) at the age of 53. Neuroendocrine cancer is a rare and deadly disease that occurs when the cells that interact with your nervous system (neuroendocrine cells) start to mutate uncontrollably without a known reason and form a tumour. The signs and symptoms of neuroendocrine cancer include unexplained weight loss, constant fatigue, diarrhea, increased thirst, shakiness, frequent urination, skin flushing, dizziness, etc.

Manisha Koirala

Manisha Koirala as reportedly diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2012 at the age of 42. She went to New York for her treatment and finally won the battle against the fatal disease. In 2015, she informed everyone about her complete recovery. Ovarian cancer is a type of cancer that occurs in ovaries, female reproductive organ. The disease is usually detected after it has spread to other organs or parts of the body. Signs and symptoms of this cancer include abdominal bloating, change in bowel habits, weight loss, discomfort in pelvis area etc.

Vinod Khanna

Vinod Khanna , a legendary actor lost his life due to bladder cancer at the age of 70. Bladder cancer is one of the most prevalent cancers worldwide. It occurs in men more frequently than women. It usually begins in the inside lining of your bladder and shows signs and symptoms like blood in urine, pelvic pain, painful urination etc. Factors including smoking, past radiation exposure, and parasitic infection increase your change of developing bladder cancer.