When it comes to protecting yourself from the novel coronavirus, the best way is to boost your immunity. To do that, you need to have foods rich in immunity-boosting nutrients like selenium. It is an essential mineral known for helping in various important bodily functions. From protecting against asthma, thyroid problem to reducing cognitive decline, and enhancing the function of your body’s defense system, selenium does it all for you.Also Read - Iodine Solution, Most Effective Way to Completely Inactivate Novel Coronavirus, Says Study

Though selenium is not widely popular for improving immunity, it works in this regard as effectively as vitamin C and zinc. It also keeps your metabolism optimum and helps in weight loss.
As far as the role of selenium in the COVID-19 is concerned, it has strong antiviral properties that can be therapeutic for you if you consume this mineral in the right amount. Also Read - Coronavirus Creates Havoc: 3 MPs, 6 MLAs And Former President Among COVID's VVIP Victims

According to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, your immune system requires selenium to produce the infection-fighting WBC. And, it also prevents and stops the viral replication in your body. Consuming enough of selenium-containing food items can also prevent the progression of various diseases. Also Read - Coronavirus: Wearing Eyeglasses Can Protect You From COVID-19?

Therefore, you must include this significant nutrient in your daily diet during the pandemic. Every day, your body needs around 70 to 80 mcg of selenium. Notably, non-vegetarian foods contain more selenium than vegetarian food items. Include seafoods like salmon, oysters, halibut, and tuna in your daily diet. If you are a vegetarian, have nuts, seeds, broccoli, and spinach to prevent deficiency of selenium.