Obtained from Damascus Rose, rose essential oil is popular because of its health and beauty benefits. The oil is processed through steam distillation. Jam-packed with various nutrients, rose essential oil can help you get rid of various diseases and conditions. From curbing depression to fighting acne and boosting libido, rose oil can do it all for you. Here is a list of good things that this oil can do to you.Also Read - Essential Oils That Will Help You Sleep

Fights against depression

Its refreshing fragrance is capable of boosting up your mood. According to a study published in the journal Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior, rose oil can increase your mental strength, boost your confidence and self-esteem. Use rose essential oil and say goodbye to depression and anxiety. Also Read - 6 Essential Oils That Work Wonders For Your Skin

Treats wounds

Having antiseptic properties, rose essential oil can protect you from infections and treat wounds effectively, says research published in the International Journal of Food Microbiology. All you need to do is to topically apply this oil on the affected area. Also Read - Health Benefits of Lemon Essential Oil: 7 Amazing Benefits of Using lemon Essential Oil

Provides protection from viruses

Preventing viral infections is tough as viruses are capable of tricking our body’s defense system. However, rose essential oil can effectively help you keep viruses at bay. This is what a new study published in the Journal of Essential Oil Research.

Improves your skin quality

If you are dealing with acne, pox, or/and scars, all you need to do is to use rose essential oil. Having strong antioxidant properties, rose oil can effectively fade stretch marks or surgery scars.

Eases menstruation

Menstruation pain can be debilitating for some. Especially for those who experience irregular menstruation. In this case, the use of rose essential oil can help you get relief from the pain. It can also help you ease nausea and fatigue that sometimes accompany menstruation and post-menopause syndrome.