Designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee has posted a picture of Deepika Padukone dressing up her best friend on her wedding day. The wedding happened two years back in Sri Lanka and was attended by both Deepika and her then boyfriend-now husband, Ranveer Singh. While everything about that picture looks beautiful, the designer has got criticism on social media for leaving the bride out of focus on his big day. In fact, he has received the same feedback for posting another picture of the bride with Deepika having the latter in the foreground. Here’s what Sabyasachi posted:

Here’s how most people reacted to it:

Here’s another picture he posted:

And here are the comments on the same:

Sabyasachi then shared many pictures of the bride and the groom in which DP-Ranveer weren’t in the frame. However, even when they were not visible majorly, their presence could be seen in some form or the other. Like in this, where the two are in the background:

Or in this, making their presence felt with just their wrists:

While Deepika looked pretty, as always, do you think her being in focus in pictures is a big deal or are you in favour of ‘let only the bride shine’ on her big day?

For the same wedding, Deepika opted for a nude-coloured saree with white embroidery, her signature bun, and some diamonds, while Ranveer wore a black sherwani. Deepika has been heavily preferring Sabyasachi for her most appearances. Even her wedding trousseau was designed by him. For her big day, Deepika chose to wear a red Sabyasachi lehenga from his revival India project. The actress even wore Sabyasachi-designed suits during her initial few appearances post-wedding. She looked absolutely radiant in all the traditional looks!