Indian Yogi and author, Sadhguru has extensively talked about motherhood on the occasion of Mother’s Day. In the beautiful video, Sadhguru can be seen talking about women and how easily they embrace motherhood. Also Read - Sadhguru's Abstract Painting Gets Sold For Rs 4.14 Crore, Money to Fund Isha Foundation's COVID-19 Relief Efforts

“The beauty of motherhood is not in reproduction, the beauty of motherhood is in inclusion. It’s not because your mother reproduced you, that’s not why mother is precious. Because in many ways she saw you as a part of herself, it’s because of that. Suppose your mother delivered you and never bothered about you, she will be your first enemy. The willingness to include another life is a part of yourself. It is that beauty that we are trying to celebrate on Mother’s Day,” Sadhguru said in the video.

He also added that the ‘ability to place a child’s well-being above her own well-being comes easily to women’. According to him, motherhood is about how a mother feels and embracing what’s around. The need to embrace someone as a part of yourself is motherhood and it is a wonderful experience.

“It gives her the ability to place the child’s well-being above her own well-being. It comes easily to her, it can come to anybody. You can place other people’s well-being above your well-being in so many ways but nature itself is assisting her to experience life that way which is wonderful. Your motherhood is about how you feel, its question of embracing what’s around you. You have a need to embrace someone as a part of yourself. What’s stopping you? I’ll give you the whole world – embrace. You can live here like a mother to the world, what is stopping you, just look upon everybody like that,” he added.

Wish you all Happy Mother’s Day!