Sanitary pads are used by women while recovering from a vaginal surgery, menstruating or after an abortion to absorb the bleeding from her vagina. The disposable feminine hygiene product is an absorbent material with a plastic backside. Although it makes it easier to manage your period, its effect on the environment is devastating.  On an average, more than 16,000 pads or tampons are used by a woman during her lifetime. These used products contain chemicals, plastics and other ingredients, which are problematic. The breakdown of plastic takes a long time and the effect of the chemical used in these products on the environment have not been studied. Sanitary pads and lampoons are expensive and sometimes, women are allergic to these products. One of the best ways to deal with the issues is to use an eco-friendly alternative. There are some feminine hygiene products that are safe, reusable and natural. Here is a list of environmental-friendly alternatives to sanitary pads and tampons. (ALSO READ 5 basic menstrual hygiene tips that are often ignored). Also Read - Fight Against Period Poverty: Scotland Becomes World’s First Country to Make Sanitary Pads & Tampons Free For All

Re-usable cotton pads

You can use the reusable cotton pad just like your normal disposable pads. It is more comfortable as it is made of highly absorbent cotton. It will not leak thanks to the waterproof liner. You will not have to worry about any chemicals or any plastic entering the water body and the environment. The only one downside is that you will have to wash it. Also Read - What an Unusual Choice! UK Woman Wears Sanitary Pad on Her Face After Forgetting to Carry Mask

Menstrual cup

Menstrual cup

Menstrual cup

Menstrual cups are made of medical grade silicone and are safe. It is comfortable and you will need to change it once a day. It doesn’t have the Toxic Shock Syndrome, which can occur due to tampon use. It is soft, reusable cup that you place inside your vagina. The cup collects the blood, which you will have to empty. Empty the cup, wash it and then re-use. Keep two menstrual cups for a single period. You will need to buy a new menstrual cup just once a year. Here’s how to wear a menstrual cup. Also Read - Bleeding Red: Viral Ad Featuring Radhika Apte Shows Period Blood as Red Instead of Blue, Breaks Stereotypes | Watch

Period panties

It is comfortable and you can forget about sticking bulky pad into the panty forever with these. Period panty is designed to absorb the blood from your vagina. It comes in several designs like sexy lingerie and athletic panties. Again, you will have to wash it, so keep two panties.

Natural menstrual sponges

If you do not want to use a menstrual cup, you can try menstrual sponges. These are a natural product made of sea sponge and looks like your bath sponge but smaller. You can put it in your vagina and it will absorb the period blood. You can clean it with water and vinegar solution. It lasts up to six months, so it is easy on your pocket.

Many women have said that using a natural product for managing their periods has helped them to get rid of the painful cramps and regulate their menstrual cycle.