Do you ever think of going for a walk after dinner but avoid it because it’s too dark? Do you ever want to use the shorter route to avoid traffic but it’s deserted? As women we often come across such situations and more often than not, we end up avoiding all of those. As they say, in the dark when a shadow lurks, men fear it’s a ghost but women fear it’s a man. Also Read - Mission Shakti: UP Govt Sets up 'Pink Patrol' to Maximise Women Safety, Will be Operational 24*7

Watch the video provided below by Sipping Thoughts on how to ensure your safety in every situation. Also Read - Hathras Gangrape Case: UP CM Says Govt Committed to Women Safety, Akhilesh Seeks FIR Against DM, SP | Top Points

Did your client call you for a meeting? Try choosing locations that you are comfortable with and have a good number of people around. Tell someone who you are going with, where you would be and the approximate time of you coming back.

Are you headed out for a party? Try to stay vigilant and observe your surroundings. Never accept food or drinks from anyone else- try taking them yourself only. Do not leave them unattended.

Try stepping out in groups and avoid going to deserted places alone. Be careful of who you trust. If you feel uncomfortable- speak up! In case you are unable to speak, there are various apps available for mobile phones which instantly alert your assigned contacts with your location and a picture of your surroundings.

While commuting to work, take the routes you are familiar with and know for sure that will be safe or there would be people around to help you in case of a mishap.

We all experience uncomfortable situations on a regular basis. The call for help, however, must be made on time. In this era of social media, a simple tweet to the police handle proves to be of great importance.

Sometimes situations cannot be handled because in the moment you tend to lose your calm and are unable to think straight. Take these simple tips from women with experience that might strike you in such situations or better, prevent any mishap from happening. Stay safe and empower everyone around you to stay and keep others safe.