Sagittarius Horoscope 2021: The year 2021 is here and so are various predictions about how the new year is going to treat you astrologically. If you are someone who believes in the position of stars and you put your faith in the universe, then tarot card reader Munisha Khatwani has got some interesting predictions for you. Here, Munisha talks about the year 2021 for Sagittarians. In her exclusive video for, the celebrity tarot card reader explains how the new year will be for people who are born between November 23 to December 21. Munisha talks about the love life, the finances, professional life, and the family aspect of the Sagittarians. Here’s what she says:Also Read - Katrina Kaif-Vicky Kaushal Wedding: Numerologist Speaks on How Staying Low-Key Will Bring More Luck in Their Marriage

2021 love life prediction for Sagittarians: Let bygones be bygones. Don’t think about the past. Look forward and live in present. Break out of your illusions and try to accept your reality. You will be successful on the love front, especially those who were single. The year will make some progress for you at the love front after April. There will be a new beginning in your life. Also Read - Weekly Numerology Prediction, December 5 to December 11: What’s In Store For You This Week?

2021 career prediction for Sagittarians: You will have some positive expectations. Your work will make you travel this year or if you are a business-person, then you might end up associating with a company which is based out of your area. You are going to be focussed on your career and towards your goal. However, a lot of burden is there. You will be feeling pressurised but you don’t have to take the stress. Understand that the stress is not going to change anything as things will take their own turn. Also Read - Weekly Horoscope From 6th To 12th December: Get A Glimpse Of Your Astrological Prediction For Forthcoming Week | Watch Video

2021 financial prediction for Sagittarians: On the financial front, you will be holding your money. You have been thinking about future plans and discussing saving money this year. This is the year of action. While you will focus on saving, you will also be giving in family expenses. Try and do charity or help someone financially.

2021 health prediction for Sagittarians: The year indicates an improvement in the health front. You are going to have an emotional year that will be affecting your health. However, you will be inclined towards starting something new or going back to the routine that you had stopped. Working out, running, meditation, yoga, consulting a nutritionist or a doctor for your health – you might choose one of these approaches to bring a change in your health. You will end up improving your health. The year has got new energy for you.

 2021 family-life prediction for Sagittarians: You will feel betrayed, or feel that someone in the family is not very authentic or genuine towards you. As far as family matters as concerned, you will maintain a practical approach towards relationships. Some members will try to dominate or bully you.

Angel message Sagittarians: Ask your angels to guide you and protect you. Think about them before making decisions or taking up something new. Watch the video for a detailed prediction:

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