Do you love going to the beaches? If yes, you are at a reduced risk of getting some chronic conditions. If Yes, you read it right. Well, there is a term called ‘beach therapy’. It is an alternative form of treatment that is trending nowadays. According to researchers and experts in the field, frequently visiting a beach can protect you against depression, pain, and stress. It can also help you get relief from the monthly menstrual pain. Isn’t it seeming a better way to get rid of the health problems than to visiting a doctor’s boring clinic? If you still want a few more reasons to escape to a picturesque beach, here they are. Also Read - Disha Patani Raises The Mercury Level in Sexy Red Bikini, Strikes Sultry Pose Midst of Beach

Increases body’s oxygen-absorbing capacity

Inhaling fresh sea air can potentially enhance your body’s capacity to absorb oxygen. One of the reasons behind this is the excessive presence of oxygen near a beach. When the sea waves crash on the shore, they produce ozone that is known to create a high oxygen level. This is what boosts your energy and neutralises free radicals in the body, keeping you free from chronic ailments. Also Read - Tiger Shroff's Shirtless Look by Beachside Grabs 1.2 Million Likes Instantly, Jackie Shroff-Disha Patani React

Boosts vitamin D level in the body

Also known as ‘sunshine vitamin’, vitamin D is used by your body for an array of reasons. Your body produces this nutrient when exposed to the sunlight directly. This means, relaxing at the beach can help you increase the level of vitamin D in the system. This nutrient is known to make your bones and teeth stronger. Also, it boosts your immunity and prevents chronic conditions like cancer, metabolic disorder, skeletal disease, etc. Also Read - Watch | The Terrifying Moment When a Santa Cruz Beachgoer Was Swept Away by Giant Wave

Heals your pain

Walking barefoot at the beach can bring out positive charge and restore it through direct touch by your body. This can help your body prepare itself for self detoxification. Also, barefooting can enhance your capacity to fight against pathogens. This is one of the most effective alternative therapies to heal the pain.