Unilateral training means doing exercises where you work on a single arm or leg at a time. Making unilateral training, a significant part of your exercise routine can benefit you in ways you cannot even imagine. Though it is not a very popular style of exercise, you can target muscles that are weak through unilateral training. This assists in strengthening your non-dominant parts of the body. Also Read - Exercise Increases Benefits of Breast Milk For Babies

Exercises including Bulgarian split, dumbbell bent-over rows, single-leg deadlift, lateral lunges etc. come under unilateral training. If you are still not convinced enough to indulge yourself in unilateral training, read further to know some of the scientifically-proven reasons why you should do that. Also Read - Perform These Exercises to Keep Your Knees Strong And Avoid Risk of Injury

Improves Muscular Imbalance

We all know that one of our hands is dominant than the other and the same goes with the legs and muscles too. Paying attention to the weaker parts and consistently doing the unilateral strength training exercises can help you correct the muscular imbalance and vanish the discomfort and pain that come with performing daily exercises other than unilateral ones.

Stabilises Your Core

To promote sound movement patterns and stabilize your core muscles, training your body unilaterally is one of the best ways. According to the National Library of Medicine, single-arm pressing, which is one of the exercises that come under the unilateral training, causes greater muscle activity and stabilises your core that includes muscles like transversus abdominis, multifidus, paraspinal muscles, and internal obliques.

Reduces Risk of Injury

By strengthening the non-dominant parts of your body, unilateral training reduces your risk of getting injured. It can help you hold an equal amount of weight with each hand without any problem or discomfort. It vanishes the imbalance or any weakness in your muscles.