Seasonal hair loss is a thing and it can be frustrating for you. Looking at excessive hair in your brush can be unsettling. On average, a person loses around 50 to 100 strands of hair every day. New strands of hair replace them and then grow in successive cycles before falling out. But, if your hair loss seems unusual, it is a thing to take seriously. There can be an array of reasons for hair fall including pregnancy, thyroid problem, depression, menopause, scalp infection, high blood pressure, etc. But, here we will talk only about seasonal hair fall. Also Read - Experiencing Hair Fall? These Simple Practices Can Help You Prevent The Loss

As the season changes, the humidity and heat around us also change and affect our hair. In this case, it becomes important to take extra care of your hair and skin too. Here we tell you how to do that. Also Read - Hair Fall: Look Out For These Health Conditions

Use a mild shampoo

Using a shampoo with too much chemical can make your scalp dry by stripping off natural oil present in it and that can lead to excessive hair fall. So, it is extremely essential to use mild shampoo especially when the season is changing. Make sure your shampoo doesn’t contain chemicals like SLS. Also Read - Best Herbal Oils to Bid Adieu to Hair Fall

Do not forget to apply oil in hair

Applying oil in your hair is one of the most important parts of hair care. It is significant for combating dryness, nourishing scalp, and strengthening hair roots. Also, massaging your hair by applying oil can increase blood circulation to the scalp and prevent hair fall. Increased blood circulation sends nutrients directly to the scalp and makes hair follicles hold hair strongly.

Apply aloe vera on your scalp

Aloe vera is known to have an array of benefits. It does not only treat acne, burns, and dry skin but also promotes hair growth and reduces dandruff. Applying aloe vera on the scalp can remove excess sebum and prevent dryness. Also, it penetrates deep into the hair follicles and makes your hair stronger. Aloe vera also acts as a great conditioner and can sooth your hair.