Do you live amidst mountains, beaches or lush greenery? If yes, you are much healthier than those who are living in big cities. This is what a research published in the journal Health & Place has stated. According to this study, living in close proximity to the sea or nature boosts your mental health. Nature has a nurturing and healing effect that help in making you happy and keeping your mind and soul calm and soothing. Probably this is the reason why people look for getaways near to the sea or hills. Also, most of the individuals book a tree-house as a stay option when outstation or look for rooms with picturesque and breathtaking views. If you are living in a city, you don’t need to worry. Here we tell you how you can bring nature close to you even whilst staying in a metro city and stay happy.

Make plants your best friend

Plants have a positive effect on human mind. It not only purifies air but also boosts your mental health. According to researchers in the field, nurturing plants and talking to them on a daily basis leads to secretion of happy hormones in the body. This is what keeps you cheerful and jovial. Also, in Vedas, you will find that each and every plant that exists in the world has a special significance.

Feed birds

Install small bird feeders in the balcony and look at a flock birds everyday. This will make you witness how beautiful and adorable these small creatures are. Watching them everyday especially in the morning and afternoon is associated with reduces stress, depression, and anxiety level, says a study conducted at the University of Exeter and the University of Queensland.

Walk barefoot on wet grass

This simple act can give you plethora of health benefits. As you all known green is a relaxing colour. So, walking barefoot on grass especially on wet grass can sooth your eyes, reduce anxiety, and calm your mind. It has been linked to reduction in stress level by 60 per cent. If you are living in a society or near a park, do take out time and go for walk every evening.