The current outbreak of deadly coronavirus pandemic and its increasing numbers have forced companies all around the world to let their employees do work from home. This is a necessary step to keep the novel virus at bay as much as possible. With confirmed 143 COVID-19 cases in India and 3 deaths, people all around the country are in fear and looking for ways to prevent themselves from falling prey to the coronavirus disease. There are some who have self quarantined themselves acting as responsible citizens. But, what’s emerging as an issue for them is boredom.Also Read - Despite Coronavirus Threat, UP to Hold Ram Navami Mela in Ayodhya; 10 Lakhs Pilgrims Expected

Well, it is quite normal to feel bored especially if you are an extrovert and cannot go outside and meet people. If you are a working individual, there must be things to keep you busy. However, if you do not fall in that category and need some tips on how to keep yourself occupied with fun-filled or productive things, you have reached the right place. Here, we tell you about certain things that you can do if you have gone for self-quarantine. Also Read - Coronavirus Quarantine: Tom Hanks Has Good News And Bad News to Share With Fans


What can be better than indulging yourself in exercises to get in shape? Working out is not only possible at a gym but also in the comfort zone of your home. You can get an array of workout ideas on the internet. Performing exercise can keep you healthy and improve your immunity, an essential factor to deal with the coronavirus. Also, it doesn’t let you accumulate clutter in your mind and leaves space for positivity. Also Read - First Confirmed Case of Coronavirus in Indian Army As Jawan in Ladakh Tests Positive for COVID-19

Clean your house

We know you must be cleaning your house every day. But, we are talking about cleaning properly and bidding adieu to clutter. Take, for example, your cupboard. This is the time to keep your clothes properly in their places so that you do not have to struggle every time you try to pick an outfit.

Watch a movie of your choice

What about sitting ideally and watching your favourite science-fiction movie? Sounds interesting? Well, this is time to have some fun inside the house. So, take benefit of it. Complete series that are pending for a long time. You have Netflix, Amazon, Zee5 and many more apps where you can spend a considerable amount of time without getting bored.