The Serendipity Arts Foundation in a welcome move to ease access to its various offerings has launched a new unified website, to serve as a one-stop solution for addressing all queries and facilitating collaborations around its vast body of work. Also Read - Artist Makes Paintings On Bengaluru Streets To Create COVID-19 Awareness, Check Them Out

The website is an operational milestone for the Foundation as it looks forward to converge its presence and offerings, in a more compact and lucid manner. The new website has been designed keeping in mind the Serendipity Arts Foundation universe and its mandates. The focus of the initiative is to bring under one roof the diverse programs by the Foundation and the Festival. Also Read - Mahamastakabhisheka 2018: Painters To Go Live On Canvas During Grand Anointing Ceremony of Lord Bahubali

The Serendipity Arts Festival, which is the flagship initiative of the Foundation, has over the last few editions have successfully created its own alliances, allegiances, and vast archives, standing apart from the other initiatives of the Foundation. This new website will allow the users/ audiences/ supporters/patrons to access the entire archive, from across the years and reach out to the Foundation with specific requests and proposals, seamlessly right from the website. Also Read - NY exhibition asks what creation of world sounded like

The new converged website gives the audience the freedom to access all and any information related to the Foundation in one place. The Foundation, apart from the Festival, has been running artist residencies and other interactive initiatives like Write| Art | Connect for quite some time now; this new consolidated website will offer users greater and enhanced navigability, through the other initiatives of the foundation, especially the ones which are open to the public, like applying for the arts residency program, applying for grants release by the Foundation and participating in the writing initiatives.

The website has been divided into three broad categories for ease of navigation i.e. Foundation, Festival, and an About section. The Foundation tab will contain the information on the projects commissioned by the Foundation over the years, information about foundation initiatives, and about partners, Writing Initiatives, previous collaborations and options to collaborate, information about the Grants given out by the Foundation, and all information about the residencies and workshops organized around the year by the Serendipity Arts Foundation.
The Festival section will contain the archives from the previous editions of the Serendipity Arts Festival. Finally, the About section will contain all information about our artistic partners, open calls, patrons, team, and more.

Speaking about the new website Smriti Rajgarhia, Director, Serendipity Arts Foundation & Festival, said, ‘We have been trying to create this consolidated web identity for a while and with this new website we are a few steps ahead in that direction. For us, this has been a dream project, as the length and breadth of our work spanning an entire calendar year used to leave us with very little headroom to work on this project. We are glad that together we have been able to achieve this for us and our universe. We are hoping to host some of our upcoming initiatives on this site.’

Serendipity Art Foundation’s foray into the digital space and the digital footprint of its initiatives has heightened in 2020. The foundation, right from the beginning of this year has had a focus on expanding its digital offerings and the new website which could be a perennial source for all such activations of the future. The approach also came from recognizing the internet as a common site for daily interactions, in an ever-evolving world and harnessing the power of the internet to connect more and more people with the arts. In pursuit of this, the Foundation has so far launched several successful digital initiatives like SAF x You, the How to…Series, and The Memory Capsule Project over the last few months.

Now with the website as a perfect host and anchor in the coming few months, there will be more such digital art outreach initiative, including the Serendipity Arts Festival in a new digital inversion as, SAF Virtual, in December, combining and citing some of the best practices from the arts, suitable for the digital space.

The initiative will look at the internet as a site and present projects, offer workshops, present talks, etc., that complement the medium perfectly. People have sought intimacy, freedom, connection, solidarity through online platforms before—but rarely has our reliance on these platforms felt so visible, so extreme. SAF Virtual is a co-exploration of this and many other questions raised by curators and artists.