Can I have sex while I am fasting? This is one question that almost everyone must have at least thought of once. Why sexual intercourse during Upavas is such a big deal and is surrounded with taboo? Does indulging in sex during fasting really have some side-effects on our health or abstaining ourselves from doing it is just an unsaid rule? Here, we will try to get our answers by segregating myths and reality. Let’s start together.Also Read - Ramadan Timetable 2020: Know Sehri And Iftar Dates And Timings in India For Fasting During Ramzan

Sex During Fasting, The Religious Obligation

As per spirituality, the very essence of fasting is abstaining yourself from all the temptations, extreme emotions, addictions and other worldly desires for a set period of time. It gives you a sense of self-control and strong will-power. Also Read - Ramadan 2020: Fasting Tips For Diabetics

Not hitting a bed or having physical intercourse while you are fasting is a religious boundation in some communities but it doesn’t have any ill-effects on your health. If you are fasting for spiritual reasons, you are an ardent follower of your religious beliefs and it doesn’t allow doing such acts during fasting, you can abstain yourself from sexual act and that’s entirely your personal choice. Also Read - Pomegranate Can Boost Your Immunity And Increase Sexual Performance

Mostly, people like to continue to have sex during a fast. They don’t do it only when they consider it unhealthy or spiritually against what they wanted to do.

Sex During Fasting, The Physical Obligation

Scientifically, fasting is associated with various health benefits including blood sugar control, fighting inflammation, improvement of heart health and brain function. There are various other positive changes that a simple act of not having food for a set period can provide you.

But, when you are not having food or liquid, your body becomes weak as your energy level drops significantly. And, sex is the last thing you can think of during this time. Sex is a demanding process that requires energy and you shed calories while being intimate. This is the reason the desire to have sex during fasting gets diminished.

We hope, we have given you the answer you were looking for. Have a healthy fast and a great sex (if you wish to do).