Sexting in simple words mean exchanging sexually explicit messages that can be in the form of photos and videos as well.  The combination of two words- sex and texting is what forms sexting.  The popularity of sexting has grown so much that you will now find even teenagers indulging in this form of chatting.  Whatsapp and Kik are two of the most popular apps used for sexting especially among teenagers.  Have you been sexting anyone lately? But don’t know how to go about it? Well, you are on the right page.  We have listed down some effective sexting tips and advice . This is sure to make the guy want you more than ever. Also Read - Rishabh Pant's Reaction After Joining Adam Gilchrist in Elite Club is Priceless

1. Check your grammar Also Read - YouTube Removes Myanmar Army Channels; United Nations to Meet on Crisis

Sexting is possibly the most casual forms of conversing. But it obviously doesn’t mean that you ignore your spelling and grammar. “I want yu’ is definitely not acceptable unless you want to turn off the guy. Make sure you use simple language and check your grammar, so that the guy  doesn’t have a tough time understanding what you wrote. Imagine having to read and reread a sext! Also Read - Road Safety World Series 2021: Virender Sehwag, Sachin Tendulkar Star as India Legends Beat Bangladesh Legends

2. Talk about what you would do

Be selfless and talk about how you would do a certain act. No man would love to hear time and again as to how he will turn you on. You have to return the favor and talk stuff about how you will make him hard down there and do things to make him cum. This sexting tip will make a very good impression on him.

3. Go into the details 

Detailing always helps. Instead of just saying I am going to kiss you. You could try telling, I am going to kiss you and use my tongue to kiss your lips. Type everything that you would have done in real. This is one of the best and also the most effective ways of sexting.

4. Use emoticons only where ever needed

If you want the conversation to be funny more than sexy, you can use emoticons. If not, avoid using them for every sentence. A wink for flirt or a tongue for licking, you do not have to use these to explain your words. We are sure he will get it.

sexting 1

5. Do not bombard him with questions

Never ask too many questions. That also is a complete turn off. Don’t let him do all the talking. You too need to take the initiative and talk about things that you will do to him. Asking questions will only make him do the talking. Give and take in sexting always works the best.

6. Sext things that are comfortable for the both of you

Before you sext him something absolutely different like a threesome, make sure that you know the guy likes it. You need to be completely sure of the guy and his wants and likes. At the same time, talk about stuff like these only if you too are comfortable with the idea. Otherwise, the next time you guys meet, you might be in a tricky situation. Instead of one, you might see two guys waiting for you, if you know what we mean.

sexting 2

7. Lie just to turn him on

The most important rule about sexting is lying. You will have to lie a lot. You might have to say you are naked when you are not or say you are touching yourself, when you are actually just laying down staring at your phone screen. So it is ok to lie!

8. Realistic compliments

Now when we mentioned that it is okay to lie, some lies need to be realistic. While complimenting his body features, don’t say things that the guy knows is made up. It will only make him feel worse. For instance, do not say, “I can imagine your big dick right now”; because if it’s evident that you are lying, he will feel worse about himself. So give realistic compliments and that will work wonders.

sexting 3

9. Send pictures only if you trust him 

Now comes the trickiest part of sexting. Sending pictures is a very common norm in sexting. However, you do it only if you trust your partner completely. Even if the picture doesn’t have your face shown, you still need to be sure about who you are sending it to. And if you do trust him, then feel free to send pictures because it does spice up sexting to a different level altogether.

10. Use references from books or movies

If you two share the same hobbies like watching movies or reading books, you could use some references while sexting. Pick a movie dialogue or an erotic line from your favorite book. This is a unique way of sexting and if he can play along well, it will turn to be a lot sexier.

sexting 4

11. If you can’t create, just recreate what you did last time

This sexting tip is especially for those who don’t have creative minds. If you cannot imagine scenarios to talk about, the simpler way of sexting is just remembering the last time you both had sex. Just recreate the whole moment and at the end of it ask him if he wishes to do that all over again.

12. Prompt and quick responses

Another most important rule about sexting is to reply on time. Slow replies are a big no-no. Sexting is sexiest only when the replies are quick. Sexting is definitely not that time when you play too hard to get.

13. Delete every trace of your sexting

And lastly, after you have followed these tips successfully, delete every trace of sexting. The guy might still have it, but you can be safe. It is certainly possible that you might accidentally leak out the images or your phone might fall into the wrong hands. So it is better to be safe than sorry.