Sexual anorexia literally means a loss of sexual appetite. This is a medical condition that can make you feel an aversion from this pleasurable activity. Once you are affected by sexual anorexia, even the idea of getting intimate with your partner will scare you. And, if by any chance you end up hitting the bed, guilt will make things difficult for you.

Now that you have got a basic idea about sexual anorexia, you must have understood why some people feel bad and guilty after having sexual intercourse. This condition is characterized by symptoms like body distortion, self-destructive behavior to avoid sex, judgmental attitude about the idea of getting intimate, feeling of shame after the act, etc.

What causes sexual anorexia?

There can be an array of reasons behind this sexual problem. Hormonal imbalance in the body, exhaustion, a history of sexual abuse, rape, or communication problem with your partner may develop the condition. However, the most common cause behind this problem has been found to be a hormonal imbalance. Both overproduction and underproduction of chemicals like estrogen and progesterone in women and testosterone in men can lead to a lack of sexual desire and if the problem continues for a longer period of time, it may further develop into the severe form of the issue called sexual anorexia. As far as having a history of sexual abuse is concerned, yes, it can develop anxiety and a feeling of being alone. Physical touch, in this case, may even aggravate the condition and make things worse.

Line of Treatment

To treat sexual anorexia, firstly the exact cause behind the problem needs to be known. In case the culprit is hormonal imbalance, hormone therapy can be of good help. However, if the underlying cause is something emotional, communication therapy may be required. If the cause is past experience of sexual abuse a sex therapy may help you.