The much-awaited official trailer of Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees is out! Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must have seen the recently released trailer of Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming movie Raees. The trailer has  Badshah Shah Rukh and Pakistani actress Mahira Khan and we can’t wait to catch the movie. But it is also special because for the first time ever we got to see SRK doing something that he has never done before. Shah Rukh is seen playing the role of Raees Alam who is a bootlegger with a highly challenging business. The movie set in the 1980s in Gujarat is actually based on the life of a criminal named Abdul Latif.Also Read - Shah Rukh Khan Says ‘Ye Bandhan Abhi Bhi Pyaar Ka Bandhan Hai’ to Salman Khan For SiwaySRK Ads

Shah Rukh who has not yet experimented much with his looks, but only worked on his physique is seen playing a Muslim guy clad in traditional Pathani suit, dramatically kohled eyes, oversized glasses, and his usual charm. Though we also got to see the glimpse of Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Mahira Khan and Sunny Leone in the trailer, it was Shah Rukh Khan who stole the show! Also Read - Shah Rukh Khan Reveals That He 'Needs To Take Dance Lessons' From Gauri Khan's Mother

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Eyes are the windows to the soul and SRK proved it with his kohl-eyed (surma) piercing looks in the movie.

So if you are also all pumped up about adding a new beauty product read surma to your beauty kit after watching Raees trailer, we share with you some of the beauty benefits of surma and how to apply it.

1. Adds a glint to your eyes

Surma is made with surma stone or a mix of herbs. It is applied along the lower eyelid. It is said that if you start using surma regularly, it will keep your eyes clean from dust and pollution. It also has a cooling sensation when applied to the eyes.

2. Protection from UV rays

Just like there is UV protection SPF formula in cosmetics, some surma preparations contain ingredients that protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun. The Prophet Mohammed used kohl for his eyes and also recommended others to use it because he believed that it was beneficial for the eyes.

3. Has therapeutic effects

Surma made with high quality ingredients, can not only make your eyes look incredibly beautiful but it also has definite therapeutic effects. Applying surma can help you have a healthy vision.

4. Prevents eye-strain

Fatigue, pain in and around eyes and blurred vision is the result of eye-strain. Using a good quality surma will help relax your eyes. The Prophet used to apply kohl in his right eye three times, and twice in his left eye. Modern day Muslim men also apply kohl.

How to apply surma in your eyes:

1. Unlike Kohl or Kajal there is a unique way of applying surma. It is applied with a glass applicator which comes with the bottle of the surma. Start off by cleaning the applicator with a clean dry cloth.

2. Dip the applicator into the surma bottle and shake the bottle and twist the applicator so that the applicator gets covered with the fine surma powder.

3.  Now remove the applicator from the surma bottle and tap it gently. This will remove the excess surma powder and there will be only a fine film of the surma powder left on the applicator.

4. Now gently apply the surma with the help of the applicator along the lower eyelid, while closing the upper eyelid. Slide the applicator sideways up till its end.

5. Before dipping the applicator again into the surma bottle, clean it with a dry cloth and then apply it in the other eye.