Valentine’s Day was celebrated all across the world with much pomp and passion. This day is a celebration of love and while couples were busy spending time and exchanging gifts, there is a startling fact about love and couples. There was a survey that was conducted by Japan recently that has more than enough evidence suggesting that couples have lost that entire spark in bedroom. Also Read - 'Proud Moment': Indian-Origin New Zealand MP Creates History by Taking Oath in Sanskrit, Video Goes Viral | Watch

The survey says that several couples have not had sex in their marriage for more than month and when asked, they also said that they are hardly expecting any changes in the near future. So basically what we see here is a sexless marriage. Also Read - Suhana Khan's Mesmerising Boho-Chic Look in Crop Top And Long Skirt is Simply Stunning

This data was conducted on 3000 people. These people belonged in the age group of 16 and 49.  Out of these most people were married men and women and thus this survey is quite believable. Also Read - Congress Leader Ahmed Patel Laid to Rest in Gujarat’s Bharuch, Rahul Gandhi Attends Funeral

47.2% married men and also women stated that they all belonged in sexless marriages. These numbers have increased over the years and in every survey conducted, the rise in percentage can be seen.

However, the tendency of being in a sexless marriage was found more in people in their mid 40s.  This is usually the age when people are more caught up with responsibilities of work and family.  Stress often leaves you with no time for intimacy.  However this was not the only reason stated.

Several women also told that sex was too troublesome for them. Surprised? So were we!

Another startling reason given by men was that they considered their wives as mere homemakers and family members; however they couldn’t seem to build a sexual connection with them.  Also the birth of a child is also one of the reasons whys ex fizzles out of one’s life. Japan is planning to deal with this issue by setting a limit for overtime so that these issues can be resolved.

Because of no time for sex, Japan is also facing a rise in the number of virgins.  In the past 10 years, the number of virgins has increased significantly, 42% men and 44% women said they have not had sex ever.

Other countries apart from Japan that are facing similar issues are US and also Britain.  Now this is about Japan and other countries.

What we need to learn from this is that however stressed you is, make time for things that matter. Balance your work life and personal life better. Intimacy and sex is a very important part of a relationship. You need to ensure you are sexually active especially if you are married. There is nothing more boring than a sexless marriage.