When you are in a committed relationship, you feel like doing anything that can make your partner happy. But, if he also feels the same? This is one question you need to ask yourself. It’s okay not to expect anything but at least the other person needs to acknowledge whatever efforts you are putting into the relationship. If you are not even getting that, it is time to bid adieu to the relationship.Also Read - Lockdown Impact on Couples: Fuelled Physical Intimacy or Forced Togetherness?

It may sound sad or selfish but your happiness matters too. And, if there is a possibility that your partner can leave you anytime and is staying with you only for his personal benefits, isn’t it wise to end the relationship right away? You need to understand the difference between a mutually committed relationship and the one that’s one-sided. In the latter, love and gestures are never really reciprocated. An ideal relationship should be the one in which both sides always put time, effort, and love into making things last. Also Read - COVID-19: 'Happiness Classes' to be Conducted at Homes of Delhi Govt School Children

Here we tell you some most-definitive signs that can help you understand if you are in one-sided relationship and need to get out of it. Also Read - Happiness to All Indians: Read PM Modi's Holi 2020 Greetings

The conversations are always one-sided

Communication is the key to success of a relationship. Sharing your problems, happiness and childhood deeds with someone, helps you connect with that person. It keeps the bond strong and spark alive. But that’s possible only when both the people are equally interested and trying to initiate the conversations. If it is always one-sided, you need to have a second thought about your relationship.

If he gives priority to his friends before you

A person’s priorities speak a lot about his personality, choices, and seriousness in a relationship. If he keeps his friends above you and always makes plans with them instead of you, it is a one-sided relationship. Nobody wants to be his or her partner’s second priority. If you are, it’s time to leave him.

He never cares

A person doesn’t need to build a habit of caring for someone. It is a feeling that comes naturally when you actually in love with someone. If your partner never asks you about your well-being or shows concern about you, he is actually not at all interested in you. Care comes with love. It doesn’t need to be dragged. So, be strong and accept the reality you were ignoring from a very long time.