Love and relationships have started to lose its charm these days. Most of the modern couples believe more in one night stands and casual relationships than a long-term, committed one. The phrase, ‘I love you’ has lost its meaning an people use it without any emotion or feeling. The urgency of being in a new relationship every-time after a breakup seems so strong in people that they do not even try to know the other person or try to understand what they exactly want from that relationship or person. Also Read - Relationship Tips: Here is How You Can Establish an Emotional Connect With Your Partner

This happens when you are more interested in physical intimacy than the emotional attachment. In the process, you may start to have feelings for your partner but he/she may not develop the same. And, that can be visible in his behaviour and actions. There are some signs that can show you if your partner is ready for commitment. If he is not in the relationship with you mentally, for the long run and just having some fun time, you will know with the help of these signs. Also Read - Relationship Tips: Signs That State, It's Time to Break-up And be Single For a While

There is a lack of emotional bond

A relationship cannot go a long way without emotional intimacy. If your partner is taking everything lightly and avoids sharing information or moments related to himself or his family, he is just wasting your time. Ideally, when two people are in a committed relationship, they share each and everything with each other, even their vulnerabilities. If he is not opening up to you, it is the right time to give him an end call. Also Read - Signs That Tell if You Are in a Rebound Relationship

Your partner keeps on cancelling plans

It is normal for couples to want to spend some quality time with their partners. In a bid to do that, if you make plans for a movie, lunch date, or just a walk, and your partner keeps on cancelling them, he is not with you for long and avoiding commitment.

If your partner seems only interested in sexual intercourse

Ideally, two people get involved physically when they are completely in love with each other and looking for a committed relationship. However, if your partner only seems to be interested in getting intimate and not sharing his past, present or anything else, he is running away from commitment and will soon leave you once you say no for the sexual act.