“Find someone who is proud to have you, scared to lose you, fights for you, appreciate you, respects you, cares for you and loves you unconditionally.” Somebody has rightly said this. Love is the most special feeling in the world. And, if you have found someone who loves you unconditionally, you are more than lucky. Some of you may not believe in unconditional love and call it non-existence but we won’t get into that seemingly never-ending conversation. Those who have faith and belief in it must know a few signs that show that you have found the love in its purest form. Read further to know about them. Also Read - Priyanka Chopra Asks Fans To Stock up Love, Compassion, Kindness Amid Coronavirus Outbreak in This Powerful Video

Your partner gives priority to your needs before her own

In today’s selfish world, it is hard to get someone who puts your needs before hers. If your partner fights with you over silly things and still goes with what you say, at last, you are lucky. If you and your partner positively argue about the food you want to order or places you want to explore and she gives in, at last, you must know that she is the right one to have in your life. Also Read - Karan Johar's Emotional Birthday Post For Mommy Hiroo Johar, Calls Her ‘Big Love Story of My Life’

Your partner has zero expectation from you

Expectations have no place in love. When you start expecting, your relationship doesn’t remain a selfless one. Love is all about giving, caring, and pampering. A person who loves you unconditionally would never expect anything in return for things that she had done in the past for you. If she is showing small sweet gestures to show affection like making lunch for you or sending flowers, and not expecting anything in return, not even acknowledgment, she is a keeper. Also Read - Bigg Boss 13 Fame Arti Singh Wishes Her Ex-Boyfriend Ayaz Khan on His Wedding Anniversary, Says, 'Love You Both'

Your partner gives you enough freedom

If you love somebody, you can’t hold him tight. Giving freedom to your beloved is important. So, if the love of your life doesn’t put any restrictions or bounds you with any condition, it means her love is selfless.