When you are in a romantic relationship, you usually feel happy and satisfied being around your partner. Also, you feel good if your partner is a bit possessive and insecure about you. That’s absolutely fine until that insecurity becomes toxic and start taking a toll on your relationship. A feeling of jealousy and suspicion can be the worst enemy of your relationship. You feel insecure when you lack confidence, feel incomplete and incapable in some way. When insecurity begins to surface, it seems harmless but soon it starts hampering your relation. So, it is important to know about the signs that show if your partner is insecure, in order to solve the issues before time.Also Read - Reasons Why You Should Not Disclose Your Relationship Status on Social Media?

Your Partner Keeps Lingering Around You

If your partner is not letting you go anywhere alone, he is most probably insecure. Also, if he doesn’t like you socialising or talking to someone good-looking, he is definitely going in that negative zone. This happens when your significant other feels he is not good enough for you and you might elope with someone with better personality and traits than him. In this situation, you must make him realise that he is an important part of your life. Also Read - Signs That Show Your Are in a One-Sided Relationship And Need to Come Out of it

He digs in too much into any conversation you had with others

If your boyfriend asks too many questions about people you meet and wants to know every detail of the meeting and your plans, he is an insecure person. If you get to hear questions like, “Where are you going?”, “With whom were you hanging out?”, “Why didn’t you inform me about your plans?”, and “Why do you keep hanging around with your guy friends?”, he is the most insecure person you can ever find. To tackle this problem, start telling him about your plans in advance so that he does not get anything to ask or feel bad about.

Your partner keeps mentioning his exes during conversations

A person’s bad experiences in the past may be a significant reason behind his insecurity. He may have been cheated before and that’s why feels that you are also going to leave him. This constant fear of losing your partner can be extremely frustrating and emotionally exhausting.