Fatigue is a part of everybody’s life these days what with chronic stress at work, other tensions and even environmental factors. Lack of sleep, frequent consumption of junk food and no exercise only exacerbate the problem. Thankfully, there are a few quick and simple things you can do to make yourself feel fresh and energised and to zap away the fatigue.Also Read - Preparing for IVF? Keep These Vital Tips in Mind to Overcome Stress

A cold and hot shower: That a cold shower is refreshing is well known but do you know what happens to your body when you take a hot and cold shower together? You feel even more refreshed! Exposing your body to these extreme temperatures at once, make your body go into a slight shock, activate nerves in the muscles and improve blood circulation. Just take a 10 second cold shower and follow it up with a 5 second hot shower, keep alternating a few times. Do this every morning. Also Read - 5 Simple Steps to Reorient Focus When Dealing With Anxiety And Panic

Short bursts of exercise: Short bursts of exercise like on the spot running, cycling, or even stair climbing at regular intervals can actually help you feel more energized. No matter how tired you feel, working out is always recommended as it gradually builds up your energy over time. Also Read - Have These Cold-Like Symptoms? You Might Have Omicron, UK Study Shows

A shot of masala chai: We Indians have had this age-old habit of having a cup of chai for that extra kick every now and then. But it can’t be just any chai. Masala chai with its host of spices can help you beat fatigue by stimulating your brain. From ginger to cinnamon and clove to cardamom, Indian spices are known for their potent properties for giving vigour.

Inhaling fresh scents: Various studies have proven that certain scents like that of citrus fruits and herbs like lavender and rosemary have the power to make awaken your senses and uplift your mood.