The Achilles’ heel for every girl, menstrual cramps or period pain during those five days of the month are simply unbearable and cause a whole lot of discomfort. While some have a higher pain threshold, for many of us, the pain is so much that it interferes with everyday work. The fluctuating mood swings do not help either. For many, popping a painkiller is the easiest way to deal with it but it isn’t always a good idea. In order to reduce the pain, here are some tried and tested tips you can use during your period. While all may not work for everyone, you may find one that will help lessen the trauma.

1. Use a heat pad

One of the most effective ways to deal with menstrual cramps is to use a heat pad or a hot water bag. Place it over your top on lower abdomen and rest well. Curling up with it makes it even more effective. However if you cannot lie down, simply sit with it placed on your tummy. This will lessen the pain to an extent.

2. Massage with essential oils

Massaging can help relax muscles and ease pain. Doing so with essential oils has its own benefits. According to a research published in the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Research, massaging with diluted essential oils eases menstrual pain in women considerably. Just make sure you do not press too hard.

3. Sip herbal tea

Hot water is a great pain reliever and drinking herbal tea adds more benefits to help lessen your pain. Drink ginger tea or chamomile tea that not just work wonders for reducing cramps but also help in calming your nerves. Both are equally good and the addition of honey and lemon in these teas make them even better.

4. Exercise 

Exercising releases endorphins or happy hormones in the body that not just uplift one’s mood but what it also does is loosen cramped muscles during periods. If you exercise regularly, you are less likely to have intense menstrual cramps. During your periods, opt for light weight training or do cardio exercises like brisk walking. Yoga is also helpful.

5. Cut out caffeine and alcohol 

Caffeine and alcohol can worsen your cramps so it essential that you cut them out not just during your periods but also on other days. Instead of having copious cups of coffee every day, switch to green tea or black tea which has the same amount of caffeine. And, restrict your alcohol intake to only 14 units of alcohol per week with one unit being 10 ml. A glass of red wine every day is considered safe for women but do have at least two alcohol-free days in a week.
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