Your footwear is one of the most infected things in your house. Amidst coronavirus pandemic, you must be sanitising and disinfecting everything around you, that you touch or use on a daily basis. But have you cleaned your footwear? It can carry pathogens like virus from the surface and can spread them to various places. To reduce your susceptibility to get infected due to your footwear, you should be aware of some easy tips to disinfect your footwear as cleaning it as significant as washing your hands.Also Read - National Flip Flop Day 2020: Know All About Your Favourite Pair of Footwear And Why It's Celebrated

Keep the indoor and outdoor footwears separately

Firstly, you must have separate pairs of indoor and outdoor footwear. Doing this can reduce your chances of getting infected with the virus. Also, keep a shoe rack outside your house so that you don’t have to bring the outdoor footwear inside. Also Read - Amazon India is Selling 'Bhains Ki Ankh' Brand’s Footwear And Reviews Will Make You Buy One

Avoid touching your shoes to remove them

If it is possible, you can slide your shoes and avoid touching them with bare hands. In case you touch them, wash your hands with soap and water. Taking extra care during this pandemic can protect you from the viral infection. Also Read - Fire breaks out at footwear godown in Kochi, no casualties

Keep your shoe soles clean

Soles of your shoes come in direct contact with the dirt and may carry pathogens. To get rid of them, you must keep a doormat outside your house and rub your shoes on it before entering the house. And, after removing the shoes, you should straight away head towards the washroom and wash your feet.

Keep your shoes in sunlight

After washing your shoes, let them dry on their own so that the disinfectant spray can work effectively by settling perfectly.