The ongoing pandemic has brought a massive shift in the way institutions around the world work. Almost everything has turned virtual. People are working from home, students are attending classes online, and even dance and singing classes are being conducted virtually. Since the educational institutions have started to operate digitally, children are forced to spend long hours in front of a screen. This may affect their vision if proper steps are not taken on time. To manage your child’s screen time, you need to be quite vigilant and active. Here is how you can perform this daunting task. Also Read - Alternative to Online Classes! This Maharashtra School is Painting Lessons on Walls to Impart Education to Poor Students

Ask Your Child to Maintain The Right Posture

Firstly, the gadget should not be too close to your child’s eyes as it can cause strain and lead to eye muscle fatigue. It should be kept at least 18 to 24 inches away from the eyes. Also, the screen should be at the eye level of your kid so that he does not need to slouch. Also Read - Anything For Education: Students & Teachers in Maharashtra Village Climb Trees To Get Mobile Network For Online Classes

Ask Your Kid to Take Breaks

Nobody should look at a screen continuously for more than 20 minutes. It can cause unwanted pain in the eyes. If your kid cannot afford to take long breaks, ask him to at least look at something else for 20 seconds. Also, blinking regularly is important. Ask your child to close his eyes at least 10 times every 30 minutes. This will keep dry eyes and itchiness at bay. Also Read - 'Let’s Get This Guy’s Cows Back': Sonu Sood Offers Help To Himachal Man Who Sold Cow To Buy Smartphone For Kids’ Online Classes

Maintain The Screen’s Brightness

Continuously looking at too much bright screen can cause headaches and strain. Also, keeping the brightness too low can leave your child putting excessive pressure on his eyes to get what’s written on the screen. Therefore, adjust the brightness of the device as per the comfort of your child’s eyes.