Are you a fitness enthusiast or currently on a weight loss mission? Are you thinking that working out and being fit can be no longer be possible because of nationwide lockdown amidst coronavirus outbreak? If yes, you have reached the right place. Well, you do not necessarily require to go to a gym to perform exercises. Your home is perfect enough for that. All you need is correct workout equipments. Here we tell you about them to keep a track on your weight loss goal even while you are locked at home. Also Read - Lockdown Necessary, Don't Panic, Will Issue E-Passes, Says Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal | 10 Points

Exercise mat

A thick exercise mat is a must-have if you are working at home. It protects house floor from heavy weight crashing. Also, its non-slip surface gives you a grip and prevents fall. The padding on the mat protects your knees, tailbones, and elbows while you do floor work. Additionally, exercise mat provides balance while striking yoga poses. Also Read - 'Stay Safe, Stay Sensible,' Sourav Ganguly Urges People to Follow Lockdown Orders


These are important to perform muscle strengthening exercises. Dumbbells helps you push your limits and lose weight effectively. The extra weight that you hold while performing a workout, helps in burning calories and keeps your weight loss goal on track. Also Read - Exercise For Brain Power: Being Active Could Slow Brain Aging in Older Adults

Resistance bands

If you wish to do resistance exercises, you need to have proper equipments. But, it is difficult to have gym equipments available at home. In that case, a set of simple resistance band can serve the purpose. These are easy to use and can give you a versatile range of workouts to perform at home.