There is nothing wrong in being in love. But at the same, there is also nothing wrong in being single. Have your friends been teasing you for your single status? Or are they desperately seeking love for you? It is time to ask them to just breathe easy. There is absolutely nothing wrong in being single. Don’t worry about New Year dates or Valentine’s Day. You can make the most of all these events even while being single. Not many tell us that living alone is awesome.  We are always taught, right from childhood, how we need to have people around us. Look up the internet and you will find  numerous articles about how to find the right partner, what not to do in a relationship or how you should take that trip with friends.  But we will tell you otherwise. We will tell you how living alone and being single has its own benefits.  We have listed down some reasons that prove why staying single in 2017 is absolutely fine. You don’t have to go looking for love this New Year. If you have been single in 2016, you can continue staying that way in the coming year as well; unless you actually find love. Just ensure that you are not putting in forced efforts to get into a relationship. Also Read - Job Loss Debate: Centre Junks Allegation, Says Over 3.79 Lakh Jobs Generated Between 2017, 2019

1. Because age is just a number: Also Read - Missing Bihar Board Answer Sheets Recovered From Patna Scrap Dealer

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This one reason holds true especially for women.  Women who cross 25 are often told to get married at the earliest so that they have kids before they are 30. Now this has to be one of the silliest reasons ever heard. Don’t find love or be with someone fearing age or anything else. Be in love only because you want to be with that person. So if you are single, embrace your single-hood and welcome the New Year with your friends or family or just spend some time alone. Nobody is ever too old to find love, get married or have kids.

2.Toxic relationships:

Another reason why it is okay to stay single in the coming year is because there is no reason why you must stay in a relation that doesn’t make you happy.  If you find yourself low and sad most of the times, you need to ask yourself if this is what you want from your relation. Why start a New Year so sad when you can just move on and stay single and happy. You need to set yourself free first and learn to live without people you think you can’t live without. You will see how liberating and peaceful it feels.

3. Lot of time to focus on hobbies:

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One of the best reasons why you should be single in 2017 is because you will have a lot more free time to focus on your hobbies and goals.  Unlike your committed friends, you can bring in the New Year improving any skills and hobbies that you have always wanted to take up. This should be one of the top most reasons to justify that being single is awesome.

4. You don’t have to share your food:

sngle girl 3

Being single works as an advantage, especially to people who love food and who live to eat. All the food that you buy or cook is just for you. You don’t have to share your food neither feed anybody.  You also won’t have to order food that you don’t like for partner’s sake.   Just eat what you like!

5. Self improvement and personal growth:

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Yes, we all know how a partner brings out the best in you. But that works only if you are in a healthy and happy relationship. If not, you need to walk out of that relation before the year comes to an end. And if you have been single for a while now, you shouldn’t be worried. You will get a lot of time for self-improvement and personal growth. Before you fall in love with anybody else, love yourself first. Understand yourself better and work on all the flaws that you think needs attention.

6. You don’t have to compromise on your sleep:


Another biggest reason why staying single is okay and comfortable is because you do not have to stay up till late night talking to your partner, No late night talks, no chats, just sleep. Isn’t this already making you feel all relaxed and chilled?

7. Because you want to stay single:

What more can be more logical and important than this? The reason why you being single in 2017 are okay is because it is completely your choice. This reason is apt for those who are fed up of listening to people asking them to settle down. You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to. If staying single is what you love then do not let anybody else tell you otherwise.

It takes a lot to withstand all sorts of social pressure and still manage to stay single. To resist all those temptations is also not an easy task. But if you have managed it, then you should be proud of yourself because the longer you wait, the better you get.  When you are single for a long time, you will be clear in your head as to what you are looking for in a partner and thus you will not end up compromising. So, welcome the New Year being single and celebrate like there is no tomorrow.