Men, listen up! Too many beers, little sleep and a diet rich with junk food can take a toll on not just your body but also on your appearance. Your face will soon start to show signs of these bad health decisions if you do not start taking care of yourself. Men can benefit as much as women from a decent skincare regime. So, if you are concerned about your appearance, you should start investing your time in simple skincare practices that will make sure that you do not look aged. We share with some hacks that will help you to look younger in the morning. Here are five overnight fixes that you can try. (ALSO READ Skincare for men: 6 easy grooming tips to boost your confidence). Also Read - Here's How to Get a Glowing Skin This Festive Season

Fight dark circles

The first thing that you need to do is get enough sleep. Less than adequate amount of sleep can give you unsightly dark circles and puffiness around your eyes. Before you head to bed, dab some eye cream around your eyes. Applying eye cream will tighten the skin around the eyes and help you fight dark circles and puffiness. You can also use a cold compress for instant relief from puffiness. Also Read - Weight Lifting, Sleeping Face-Down And More: Here're 5 Lifestyle Habits That May be Ageing Your Skin

Slough off dead skin

Over a period of time dirt, dust and grime starts accumulating on the surface of your skin along with the dead skin cells. This gives you a dull appearance. You need to start exfoliating at night to get rid of the grime as well as the dead skin cell build up. Using a homemade scrub or an exfoliating face wash will do the work to slough off the dead skin and give you younger looking skin. Also Read - World Renowned Dermatologist Suggests Skincare Tips to Follow During Pregnancy

Moisturize your skin

Only exfoliation is not the key to younger looking skin. You need to also moisturize your skin well to keep it hydrated; otherwise your skin will look dry and patchy. Opt for a moisturizer that suits your skin and lather it before heading to bed. You will wake up with supple and moisturized skin.

Use eye drops

Your eyes can become dry from lack of sleep. This leads to inflammation, which causes blood vessels to dilate. You can get rid of the redness by using eye drops to replenish the moisture in your eyes. Using eye drops before going to bed will help you, but always consult an optometrist before doing so.

Remove grey hairs

If your greys are making you look aged, then you should remove the stray hair. Simply tame the nose hair and well as stray hair on your ears and brows using curved scissors or a tweezer. Trimming excess hair will always give you a neat and younger looking appearance.

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