After the scorching summer sun, the monsoon enters like a lullaby of respite. While it screens lush greenery as we indulge in fresh and warm delicacies, our skin isn’t left feeling as amazing.Also Read - PCOS And Acne: Here Are Expert-Approved Skincare Tips

In absolute Taylor Swift style, our skin starts yelling ‘trouble, trouble, trouble’; ringing the bell, asking for help. Monsoon comes with a fair share of skin drama. With humidity at its peak, the skin often becomes oily and dull. If worse comes to worst, it transforms into a riot of acne, pimples, and oily T-zone. Also Read - Skincare Tips by Shahnaz Husain: Ingredients From Your Kitchen Shelf For Spotless Skin

We don’t need clogged pours, captured pollutants, or a sweaty catalyst to all skin troubles. Fear not! Behold; for a monsoon modification to skincare is what we need. Here’s a must-have monsoon skincare checklist that every skin type needs: Also Read - Here’s Why Vitamin C is Good For Your Skin

  • But first, exfoliate – It’s paramount that we get rid of the army of the dead that our skin cells are. It’s no fun to play Zenga with dead skin cells as when they fall, they fall in resulting breakouts. Ever Youth’s exfoliating walnut scrub is a good starter pack to your monsoon checklist. Walnut does wonders as an exfoliator.
  • Spread the glow, not germs – As this saying goes, it’s inevitable that we let our skin breathe. Washing the face twice a day with lukewarm water and a cleanser (or a facewash, there’s no dearth of options) is like getting that comfortable sleep for the skin. Neutrogena deep clean facial cleanser is one option, to begin with. It removes the dirt/makeup and leaves the skin with that smooth feeling.
  • Face mask to the rescue – Face masks have topped the trend charts for 2021. With their soaring popularity, they bring the much-needed glow, moisture, and nourishment to the skin. One can try the Fruit of the Earth Red Obsession – Hydra Nourish Mask from Modicare that is formulated with natural rose water & oil. Its clay-based formula adds the required nutrients while the natural ingredients help draw the excess oils & dirt from the pores.
  • Toner to the T – It’s important to close the doors to your pores. Toning helps reduce clogged pores and calms the skin down. It often goes unattended but it’s known to bring that soothing aftereffect sensation. Dabur Gulabari Premium Rosewater is the household must since time immemorial. The natural rose water helps in the rejuvenation of all skin types.
  • Do the sunscreen dab – Moisturisers are a necessity for nourishment and hydration. However, what we often forget is that even though the clouds hide the sun, we still can’t let go of the sunscreen. UV rays persist across seasons; POND’S SPF 50 Sun Protect Non-Oily Sunscreen is dermatologically tested for treatment of redness etc.

Get set going and make skincare your foundation for the monsoon season!